My New Hero!

My favorite question from today's foreign press conference held in the president's office in Taiwan. Max Hirsch of the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents' Club raised the first poignant question. (You can watch the videos here. ) With the interpreter's voice in the way, I managed to transcribe the following--

Max Hirsch (Taiwan Foreign Correspondents’ Club):
Mr. President, we have heard you criticize the weather bureau for failing actual predicting on the rainfall. We have heard you criticize the local government,
blaming affected villagers, not understanding how serious the typhoon is before it hit, even the weather bureau did not know that.
also the apparent flip-floping of the government on the issue of international assistance,
there seems to be a track record for inconsistencies. and also, um, scheduling issues. last week at the height of the crisis, ... city hosting APPU in taipei... on .... Saturday, as the nation began warning and as relief and rescue were still very much under way, you apparently thought it's a good idea to go to a baseball game, and sir, criticism abounds, and at your nation's most desperate hour, when it most needed you to project an image of strong, decisive and passionate leader that you fill. And my question is, in your mind, is your leadership strong? or is it weak? How would you rate your own leadership abilities? Are you a weak leader or are you a strong leader?

My next question is for Vice President Hsiao, with the exception of the national security meeting and today's press conference, you have been conspicuously absent from the public eye, ... acute concern .. worst weather ?? of the Taiwan history. In fact you have been conspicuously absent from the public eye since you've been discharged from the hospital, and so my question to you is, Mr. President Hsiao, are you healthy enough? or Are you physically fit enough to execute the duty of the office of the president.?

Ma: If I understand your questions correctly, you first mentioned the, the weather factor right? ......

I can't wait to read the full transcript.


唯蔥 said...

I saw a almost deaf person that could not understand the reporter's question in English.

Ching-yi S. said...

Oh my.. this is BY FAR the most cheering postings I've read in the past 10 days!! Thanks for sharing! Was the interview broadcasted over Taiwan's media? Was the full text of the interview available online? I hope citizens of Taiwan have all seen this. We need more wake-calls like this to save Taiwan's future.

柚子 said...

found this: