2nd kid is on the way - 6 weeks and counting

I have included a new baby ticker to the side bar... yes, we're pregnant again. Went to the clinic yesterday for our first prenatal visit. We're now 6 weeks pregnant and the due date is December 17, 2009.

Through the ultrasound we've already seen the little heartbeat. It was so exciting. However there's a bit of bad news. During ultrasound the doc saw some blood clots around the gestational sac... a sign for early miscarriage. I'm to have as much bed rest as possible. (except when I'm eating, plurking and blogging. :P)

Another thing the doctor mentioned, is an additional sac next to the little heartbeat. But he said that it's there probably for the purpose of providing nutrient to the fetus. Nothing to worried about.

I have always thought that a second pregnancy goes by easier and more smoothly, but boy was I wrong. I have been feeling nauseous and bloated for the past week or so. And it doesn't seem like the feeling of nausea will subside any time soon. :( The good news is, no puking (yet), and I am still able to keep food down.

Despite these little worries... the doctor didn't seem to be too worried nor did he ask us to go back for additional visit other than the regular prenatal visit (next one is 4 weeks from now). I saw that little heartbeat drumming ever so strongly. I'm sure everything will turn out fine.


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I think the baby looks a little like grandpa.....