Life So Far

been back in tw for about 3 weeks.

found a place and signed the lease yesterday. we took a walk from my brother's place to the new apartment this afternoon. . . just to check out the neighborhood and the new place. we ended up spending more time window shopping along the way than hanging out in the new apartment. L was happy in the new place. it's spacious and she's got plenty of room to run around.

we have yet to find a pair of slippers for J. he's very difficult to shop for/with. but we managed to find him 2 pairs of shorts on the day the cold front came in. go figure!

L is happy here. she gets to spend time with other ppl, hang out with uncle and auntie, run around in grandpa's backyard and terrorizing the plants grandma spent time taking care of. she also seems to have this special rapport with uncle Jazz. they interact in their own special kind of way, i love watching them play and talk.

i've got bronchitis. been coughing for 3 days. but there's nothing the over-the-counter antibiotics you can get here at any local pharmacy can't cure! ha ha! been drinking lots and lots of hot liquids to help soothe the cough.

L's paperwork is finally here. it got returned to SF and my friend in TECO had to fedex it for us again. it's a drag but it's here. we will go to the immigration office on monday to get both J and L's paperwork sorted out. i'm taking L to the pediatrician right after we get her health insurance in place. she's behind on her vaccine shots and i'd like her to get a flu shot as well

it's been hectic for the past 2 months. but it looks like we're pulling thru. i'm glad.


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歡迎生力軍歸來! 祝福您早日安頓下來!

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dogie: 我今天去鄉公所辦我自己的健保復保,已經被告知小孩老公都要等四個月才會有健保,一整個 orz... 決定自己自費打針了。