19 months

Lynn just turned 19 months old.

Been back in TW for about 20 days, she's been exposed to many different environment and ppl, getting to know grandpa, grandma, uncle Jazz and auntie a lot better. During all of this, somehow she's become noticeably mature.

She helps grandma "pulling out the weeds" (or is it the sprout of the newly seeded vegetable?)

Figured out how to hold fist-full of dirt and spread it all over herself. Dirt got into to her clothes and inside her diaper. Orz.

Says "Hi~~~" to ppl, but gives it an extra kick when she sees grandpa and grandma.

Loves hanging out in the backyard and knows the landscape very well. Walks horizontally along the narrow patch next to the sink in the back, to avoid tripping and falling into the small ditch.

Learned how to work the traditional water pump in the garden. Luckily the pump is leaky ("not engaged"?), so it takes quite a few pumps to get water out.

Speech is still not clear but man does she like to talk! Grandpa and grandma enjoys her "lecture" very much.

照理說這階段要開始 potty training,但是一直換環境,講話又不清楚,很難溝通,等搬到新家安頓妥當再開始。
In theory, we should start potty training. But she's not exactly talking and we've been moving around. Guess it will have to wait till we settle in the new place.

雖然跟阿公阿嬤相處很好,不過如果爸媽出門辦事情太久,會開始屋裡屋外樓上樓下找爸媽。看到爸媽回家進門,就會很高興的撲上來抱住。(Aww... I love you, too, baby.)
Though she enjoys spending time with grandpa and ma, when J and I went out to run errands for too long, she searches upstairs, downstairs, inside the house and out in the yard for us. When she sees us entering the door, she runs happily towards mommy and hold on to her real tight. (Aww... I love you, too, baby.)

最近也開始有越來越明顯的獨佔媽媽行為。想睡覺的時候會來把媽媽「推倒」,自己趴上來抱住。如果爸爸湊過來,就會把爸爸推開。或是看到爸爸抱媽媽的時候,一邊發出抗議聲音,一邊過來把爸爸的手掰開。鼓爸這時就會抗議:「I was here first.」或者很哀怨的說,「mommy's mine, too, you know.」
Thinks mommy's is her property. When she's sleepy, she pushes mommy down and climbs on to rest on her chest. If daddy comes over to hug the both of us, she pushes him away. Sometimes when she sees daddy hugging mommy, she protests and tries to pry daddy's hand away from mommy. J would protest, " I was here first!" or "Mommy's mine, too, you know. "

最近常常大喊的新詞是 dar-yaAA,完全不知道什麼意思,但聽起來很像「打人」。推著小娃在路上走路,推車裡的小孩大喊「打人」,其實是蠻尷尬。
Her newest favorite (and loud) vacab is "dar-yaAA", we have no idea what it means, but it sounds a lot like "Da-Ren" (hitting ppl) in Mandarin. It's kinda embarrassing to have child screaming "hitting ppl" (child abuse!) when you push the stroller around in the streets.

Uncle Jazz says... she's best in the "peaceful sit-in" protest. When the police comes, we will have her shout out "(police) hitting (innocent) civilian." (:P)

Loves to run, and damn she's fast. The third day we're in my folks' house, she already managed to escape from the garage. Grandma nearly had a heart attack.

Takes here 5 seconds to climb on to the stairs. But she's also very good at ascending down the stairs now... we're not that worried.

Climbs on to the chair and stand behind mommy's back whenever she's online, and pulls down mommy's shirt from behind (like now). Baby, mommy still wants to live alright?!

ps. Will be offline for a day or two... we're packing up to move into the new place.

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