On the road - leaving Seattle

Sitting in a hotel lobby in Seattle. Been on the road for 4 days so far. Things are going well. The TFF has drawn out more audience in UW this year, too. Packed the theater with features films, like what happened in the Bay area. We're happy. A senior proferssor came up to Chung-Wang and me after the screening, told us "For More Sun" was a very touching film. We (Jing-Jie and me) were also recognized by ppl on the street. As we're crossing the street, a student shouted out to us "Great movie!"

Purple Wine bar was great. Also went to Fremont for the sculptures and artists' residence. Bumped into an artist and got invited up to his friend's studio.

Went to a Greek restaurent twice, for the beautiful eyes and smile of this waitress, Celeste. Jing-Jie is especially taken with her. (I've got to get my hands on his girlfriend's phone #, ha ha!) Had a nice chat with Celeste and the Greek owner. Note to self: Need to get a copy of Zorba the Greek.

We're leaving Seattle this afternoon, for Eugene. 5 more days to go.

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Anonymous said...

So happy that this year the fest has been great so far. Tho I couldn't be there with all of you but I am so delighted right now and feel like I was there.

It is very nice to read your fest log and pix about the fest in the middle of my 10 hrs straight up editing today(rendering now). Thank you, Claire.

Greeting from Berlin,
Ah loo