The PRC’s ‘triumph of the will’

scary. 北京奧運的建築師, Albert Speer,是希特勒鍾愛的首席建築師 Albert Speer的兒子(父子同名)。老 Alber Speer就是當年為柏林奧運一手打造柏林的人。

The PRC’s ‘triumph of the will’

Indeed, by choosing Albert Speer, the son of Hitler’s favorite architect and the designer of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, to design the master plan for the Beijing Games, China’s government has itself alluded to the radical politicization of aesthetics that was a hallmark of 20th-century totalitarianism.


Totalitarian regimes — the Nazis, the Soviets in 1980 and now the Chinese — desire to host the Olympics as a way to signal to the world their superiority. China believes that it has found its own model to develop and modernize, and its rulers regard the Games in the same way as the Nazis and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev did, as a means of “selling” their model to a global audience.

Obviously, the Chinese were politically tone-deaf in choosing an architect whose name carried such dark historical connotations. The name of Speer itself probably did not matter to the officials who chose him. They sought to stage an Olympics that made manifest their image of themselves, and Speer, looking back to his father’s mastery of the architecture of power, delivered the goods.


As the Olympic torch relay — itself a creation of the Nazis, first employed in the Berlin Games — makes its way down Speer’s avenue of power, the world will once again be made to witness a triumph of the totalitarian will.

帝國體育場 - 權力和威嚴的象徵

不過我要說句公道話,這北京中軸線不是 Speer 來了才有的啦!

老 Albert Speer 的柏林中軸線


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