Bruised Gum

Being parents, there are all kinds of situations to be dealt with and decisions to be made. It's a job that requires research on books and internet sites, phone calls to the doctor or my mom, and discussions between the two of us. Though we've only got as far as the 15 months mark that is coming up next week.... to be honest, I think we've had a smooth ride so far. (Knock on wood. :p) Anyway, here's one that's on our plate right now.

Found bruised flesh on Lynn's top right gum last week... where a molar is supposed to be. (Left top molar is already out.) We figured the molar is coming out and she probably hit or bit it during playing or eating.

I check her mouth about every other day or once every 3 days... after 10 days I found the bruised mark is still there, and it got darker. I got worried and was wondering if it's time to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist.

(Our pediatrician told us it's not necessary to take her to a pediatric dentist until she's 2... even though the pediatric dentists will most certainly tell you that you should bring your child in for her/his first dental visit once the first tooth erupted.)

I spent her nap time yesterday afternoon researching on pediatric dental clinics in the city by the bay. This morning, I thought, maybe I should google "bruised gum + teething" to see what's the deal. K.... good thing I did. (Didn't find much "professional" advice, but rather information/experience posted by blogging mothers. Hooray for them/us!)

Apparently it is normal for teething toddlers to have bruised gum before a molar comes out. It's probably nothing to worry about. But if you still feel concerned, make an appointment with a pediatric dentist... it wouldn't hurt to let the child get used to the dentist and (other people's) hands in her mouth early. (Oh yeah? maybe that's where my mom did wrong. Ha.)

During the search, I also found... yes, it's normal for molars to come before canines. I was wondering about that.

I called dada at work and discussed the situation, here's what we decided --

Hold off making the appointment... since it's normal and she doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Wait another week or so to see if that molar erupts. If not, or (knock on wood) if she seems to be hurting, make an appointment with a dentist -or- she has her 15 months health check up in 10 days... we'll bring it up at the visit with Dr. Santa Claus.

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My granddaughter is blessed with wise parents.....