The very first item Lynn's ever bought.

We went to the market one day without the stroller, which we often do these days. She was busy touching everything (gently, phew!) while I shopped for produce. I saw her taking the mango, took it from her and put it back in the box. We continued shopping. At check out, I was too busy keeping an eye on her and simply gave the shopping basket to the produce store owner. Quickly paid the $$ and grabbed the bag and Lynn, before she could cause any damage to the fruits. We slowly made our way home and got up the stairs. I opened up the bag of grocery, and there it was, a mango, the very first item she's ever bought.... tasted pretty darn good, too.


被豬咬爛的起司 XD

Went to the corner store to get some whole milk and cheese. We have been cooking omelets for breakfast and cheese is a must for J's omelets. Bought some cheddar and pepper jack. Lynn insisted on carrying the cheddar cheese and I let her. By time we got home and I put away the milk, she had already managed to bite open the package and tasted the cheese. She even ran away from me, into the bedroom, thinking that I will take the cheesy goodness from her. ha ha.

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