in a flash, right away, momentarily, pronto, immediately, shortly, soon, straight away, first thing, in no time, instantly, promptly, now

gradually, step by step, slowly, little by little





The very first item Lynn's ever bought.

We went to the market one day without the stroller, which we often do these days. She was busy touching everything (gently, phew!) while I shopped for produce. I saw her taking the mango, took it from her and put it back in the box. We continued shopping. At check out, I was too busy keeping an eye on her and simply gave the shopping basket to the produce store owner. Quickly paid the $$ and grabbed the bag and Lynn, before she could cause any damage to the fruits. We slowly made our way home and got up the stairs. I opened up the bag of grocery, and there it was, a mango, the very first item she's ever bought.... tasted pretty darn good, too.


被豬咬爛的起司 XD

Went to the corner store to get some whole milk and cheese. We have been cooking omelets for breakfast and cheese is a must for J's omelets. Bought some cheddar and pepper jack. Lynn insisted on carrying the cheddar cheese and I let her. By time we got home and I put away the milk, she had already managed to bite open the package and tasted the cheese. She even ran away from me, into the bedroom, thinking that I will take the cheesy goodness from her. ha ha.


Nutrition Data

In case you want to be nerdy/neurotic/healthy about what you eat, here's an interesting site I stumbled upon today looking for nutrition facts about seaweed:

Nutrition Data

在右上角的搜尋輸入欄位裡面輸入你要找的食物,搜尋結果會跑出來幾個 match 關鍵字的選項,點選你想要查詢的食物品項之後,就會跑出來一大堆很酷的彩色圖解和黑白表格,告訴你該食物內含有的養分種類和比重。Have fun!



鼓爸餵小鼓吃拌了海苔醬的稀飯,自己偷嚐了一口,說:「mmmh, this is good.」
鼓媽:And it's nutritious, too. it's good for baby.
鼓爸:oh yeah, what does seaweed have?
鼓媽:I dunno. the seaweed paste is very rich in a lot of stuff, like minerals. you know, very rich in, whatever seaweed has to offer.
鼓爸:"whatever seaweed has to offer"? WOW, honey you should become a spokesperson, 'cause you have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

Ha ha ha!

ps. 當然,查了 nutrition data 之後,我就強迫鼓爸聽我把落落長的一大串海帶富含的養分一一念給他聽。鼓爸大概很後悔,嘲笑鼓媽的結果,就是被多強迫嘮叨五分鐘。XD

pps. 開玩笑,如果要我當發言人,我發言之前當然會把素情搞輕此。。。然後再站出去烏龍旋桌,這樣才不會打到自己,我才沒他馬的那麼笨咧~~~XD






某一天。鼓爸突然就說, 「what if, ah-daaa-- in baby talk means F you?!」


鼓媽:「baby don't torture the kitty.」

鼓媽:「baby NO, give me my wallet.」

有一天 --

鼓爸去上班,中間 lunch break 打電話回來,我把電話的 speaker phone 打開,讓鼓家三人可以一起講電話。

鼓爸:「you listen to mommy and behave.」


鼓爸:「What? ........ ah-daaa-- right back at you.」

小鼓:「ah-daaa--」(高分貝+high pitch 加強版 baby F-word)

鼓媽: .............. (笑到岔氣)



本來是明天才要煮,不過今天已經買了材料,且有些的材料沒買齊(例如墨魚、紅椒),但是嘴饞,晚餐就直接煮來吃了。還有,煮到一半小孩突然哭了(最近老是半夜十一、二點醒來 party 一小時再繼續睡 orz。),就忘記加青豆。因此,這盤充其量只能說是 paella wanna be. 哈哈。

這次是因為在生鮮超市看到 saffron flower 一包才 99cent,因此就買了回來,想說又可以煮 paella 了。(這邏輯有沒有很像買了一瓶很棒的汽車芳香劑,因此決定去買車?!XD)買了 saffron flower 之後就買了包印度香米 basmati rice,前一天已經拿來自己亂煮了洋蔥香菇 saffron 蒸飯,配米台目煎的牛排吃(有點奇怪的組合,不過反正就小兩口自己要吃,隨便搭配都好吃。)今天是直接拿那天的吃剩下飯拌進海鮮裡面一起煮。不過這 saffron flower 果然便宜沒好貨,很沒勁。下次還是花一點錢買一瓶好一點的。蝦子是冷凍的不很新鮮,但是櫻桃蝦(擺在最上面那個大隻的)則是鮮甜可口,從市場買回來的時候還是活跳跳的。這時候就不得不說,很期待搬回台灣的時間趕快到來,可以很輕鬆買到吃到新鮮的海鮮。

ps. 最近實在是忙翻,工作+家務+小孩,整天團團轉。不過,忙得很開心很幸福。


人生は一度きり、勇気を出して踏み出して: 腸病毒的過去、現在和未來

人生は一度きり、勇気を出して踏み出して: 腸病毒的過去、現在和未來





This is F-ed up

defensenews.com reports:

$12B in Taiwan Arms Deals Suspended for Talks

BY wendell minnick
Published: 16 June 2008

TAIPEI - When the news broke that the U.S. government had suspended about $12 billion in congressional notifications for new arms for Taiwan, it rattled local military leaders and their supporters in Washington.

The action apparently violated the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), which guarantees defensive arms sales to Taiwan, and contradicted the spirit of the 1982 Six Assurances, which assures Taiwan that Washington would not consult Beijing on arms sales.

But U.S. officials were acting on the request of the self-governing island's new Chinese Nationalist Party government, who feared that ongoing arms negotiations might jeopardize talks with Beijing, the first in more than a decade. Nevertheless, there is no indication when the suspension might be lifted; some predict it will last into the next U.S. presidential administration.

Sources in Taipei say the KMT government asked Washington to suspend arms sales for the duration of the talks, which began June 12 and whose most immediate concern is establishing direct cross-straits charter and airline flights.

"The [KMT] administration, given the unforeseen governing difficulties encountered at home so far, eagerly needs achievements on the weekend chartered flights and mainland tourists, both requiring Beijing's cooperation," said Lin Chong-Pin, president of the Taipei-based Foundation on International and Cross-Strait Studies. "Once the KMT makes the first scores, it can worry about the arms sales later, which do not seem urgent for the moment, at least."

But some fear the freeze could last until a new U.S. administration takes office in January.

"This could become a watershed event for future arms sales to Taiwan," said Mark Stokes, the Pentagon's country director for China and Taiwan from 1997-2004.

If the freeze is still on when Congress breaks in October, Stokes said, the notifications could be delayed until the next White House administration takes office.

"It's the law of physics. Once you lose that momentum, it's nearly impossible to get it back," he said.

The freeze affects submarine-launched Harpoon missiles, the design phase for eight diesel electric submarines, four Patriot PAC-3 missile batteries, 30 AH-64D Apache attack helicopters and 60 UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters. The freeze also includes the release of price and availability data for 66 F-16C/D Block 50/52 fighters for an additional $5 million.

Much of this was originally promised by Bush in 2001, but blocked by political bickering in Taiwan until 2007.

Earlier this year, the KMT swept legislative and presidential elections, sweeping the pro-independence, prone-to-bungling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from power.

"KMT's priorities, though not officially stated, appear to be first, economic growth, which is predicated on good relations with the mainland; second, political dignity; and third, military security," said Lin, who served as a former Taiwan deputy minister of defense. "The March 22 presidential election could be viewed as an unannounced referendum on the prioritization of long-term national goals. The order listed above was the result."

The KMT swiftly launched a dialogue with Beijing about direct flights. Weekend direct charter flights for tourists are expected to begin in July, and are likely to expand into daily regular flights within a year. By the end of 2009, Taiwan expects some 3,000 mainland visitors a day.

President Ma Ying-jeou has discussed economic and peace accords openly with China within five years and promised there would be "no arms race with China."

This would ease cross-strait tensions but could also lead to the end of U.S. military support for Taiwan. Beijing is likely to demand that Taipei tie itself closer to the mainland and end military-to-military relations with U.S. forces.


Sources in Taipei and Washington say pro-China advocates in the U.S. government, dubbed the "Panda Huggers," have lobbied to disrupt U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

One U.S. government official said officials in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. State Department are conspiring to kill arms sales to Taiwan. Some want to open Chinese markets to U.S. firms, some want to save the Six Party Talks with North Korea by placating China, and some are laying foundations for private business deals after they leave government, the official said.

"When we allow our activities with China to influence our decision on arms sales to Taiwan, this is, in effect, a consultation. Beijing has learned that trick: Bait the Americans with some promises, then make the Americans wait for the delivery of those promises while the Americans hold up arms sales to Taiwan. Sounds like a winning game plan for China. Unfortunately, it is a lose-lose for the U.S. and Taiwan," the U.S. official said.

Ma plans to continue pursuing U.S. arms after the talks with Beijing; F-16s are on the top of the list. But the "new government needs time to review major policy guidelines based on Ma's 'Hard Rock' defense concept," said one source close to the Ma government.

"There exists an atmosphere of 'one customer at a time' in the government," he said. "They want to focus the energy on managing the resumption of regular cross-strait dialogue, as this is Ma's first priority and deliverable. Most of the top officials I've talked to insisted that they will thoroughly debrief the U.S. government regarding cross-strait progress, and remain committed to 3 percent GDP defense spending and continue defense procurements from the U.S."

However, there are fears Ma will not be able to please both pro-Taiwan elements in Washington and pro-unification forces in Beijing. The result could alienate both parties, leaving Taipei even more isolated.

E-mail: wminnick@defensenews.com.



just a record of what baby's been eating these days.

起床(六點~七點半)先喝 180 c.c. 鮮奶
wakes up between 6 ~ 7:30 am, drinks 180 c.c. cow's milk

have 3 meals (congee) during the day, breakfast 8:30 ~ 9:30, lunch 1~2 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm

[中午十一點至二點之間睡午覺,每次睡大約一個半小時。she now takes one nap during day time between 11 am- 2 pm, for about 1.5 hours.]

稀飯內容 Congee
Congee is cooked with stock made of pork, pork ribs or chicken drumsticks with onion, green onion, garlic or bay leaves. Mama eats the cooked meat. With the stock, add rice, brown rice or oats, cooked till it turns into thick congee. Sometimes vegetables are added into the congee, including carrots, cabbage, celery, or spinach.

吃稀飯配菜 Side dish to go with congee
熬高湯的肉類撕成的肉絲、煎蛋、水煮蛋、魚(以少許米酒、蔥絲或薑絲、鹽巴或少許醬油蒸或煮)或者是雞、豬肉燥 or 肉餅
shredded meat from cooking the stock, scrambled egg, hard-boiled egg, fish (steamed or boiled with some rice wine, green onion or ginger, salt or soy sauce), or shredded chicken/pork/beef cooked in soy sauce, pan fried beef/pork/chicken patty

after congee, sometimes she'll also have some bananas or grapes

早餐吃完後輪到大人吃早餐的時候,跟著在旁邊又吃一點蛋、馬鈴薯、蘿蔔糕、麵包等等 (只要大人吃東西都要分一口就對了)
after breakfast when it's adult's turn to have breakfast, she will also have some egg, hash brown/home fries, turnip cake, or bread. (she must have some of the 'grown-up' food whenever we're eating.)

snacks for the afternoon- a combination of the following:
fruits: banana, grapes, apple, apricot, peach, cheery or other fruits available at the market
yogurt or cottage cheese
insist on eating whatever mom's eating for snack (rice, noodles, or some meat)
餅乾 cookies
鮮奶 cow's milk 150 c.c. (必喝 must have)

晚上比較晚睡覺又爸爸正好比較早下班的話,還會跟著大人吃大人的晚餐(飯、麵、青菜、馬鈴薯泥 ...)
if she goes to bed later and dada happens to have come home earlier that night, she will also have whatever we're eating that night.


語言發展 language development

Lynn is 1 year, 1 month, and 3 weeks old.

會說的字 words she speaks

momm momm (Taiwanese for food/eat)
da da (but not direct at parent, speak at random)
ma ma (but not direct at parent, speak at random)

聽懂的字 words she understands
baby (thinks it's her name)
拍拍手 (Mandarin for clapping hands)
various names we use to refer to the evil cat -- cat, Niki, kitty, meow-mi, meow-meow, niao-mi
kiaN-ou 行喔 (Taiwanese for "let's walk" or "let's go")
sio-sio 燒燒 (Taiwanese for "hot")
Lai/lai-lai-lai 來/來來來 (Taiwanese for "come over here")
洗澡/洗澎澎(Mandarin for "bath")

可能聽懂的字 words maybe she understands (we're working on them)
good job
se-se 謝謝(Taiwanese for "thank you", responds with nodding)
打尻川(Taiwanese for "spanking"... patting her butt, not that we spank her)
睡覺/oN-oN-睏(Mandarin/Taiwanese for "sleeping", "going to bed")
臭臭/臭毛毛(Mandarin/Taiwanese for "stinky")
her own name in Taiwanese and Mandarin



小鼓現在是 13 個月 2 個禮拜又 5 天
  • 愛漂亮,愛照鏡子,換好衣服夾好髮夾,沒事也要跑去鏡子前面照一照擠眉弄眼撥頭髮
  • copy cat 學媽媽做體操、蹲下站立、教她握拳也立刻模仿學起來
  • show affection:親媽媽、hug 媽媽(手臂環繞媽媽的頸子),剛開始不肯抱爸爸,讓爸爸吃醋好幾天
  • 開始討厭吃稀飯 但是從不拒絕水果,看到裝滿鮮奶的吸管杯就很開心 立刻伸手接過去
  • 愛看書,會拿書過來要求大人念書給她聽,也會自己念
  • 會自己站到體重機上學大人量體重時低頭看液晶顯示幕上的數字
  • 去圖書館時不看書直奔電腦終端機,抓滑鼠敲鍵盤
  • 學會耍脾氣 throw temper tantrum 但情節還算輕微
  • 每天只在中午時間睡一次午覺,大約睡一個半小時。晚上八點睡覺,早上七點半起床。不過有時候會突然在晚上11點起床跟爸媽一起 party到子夜,或是早上五點半就起床(例如今天 orz...)
  • 愛出門散步,從外面回到家喜歡被媽媽牽著手自己上樓梯,走到公寓門口時會掉頭不想進家門
  • 在街上散步時會放開媽媽的手想要自己走,或者走到娃娃車前推著娃娃車走,媽媽只好把娃娃車掉頭自己倒退嚕配合
  • "helps" vacuuming the house or mop the floor/tray (with her own wash cloth)
  • 「話」很多,但是大人都聽不懂,唯一可辨識單字是 momm momm (Taiwanese for eat/food),最近又開始說 ma ma ma, da da da,but not directed at either parent,倒是常對著貓大叫 daaa daaa daaa.....
  • "talks" a lot on the phone with dada or grandpa and grandma from Taiwan
  • 維持六顆牙一段時間之後,終於兩個禮拜前長出下排右側門齒,昨天又發現上排左犬齒冒出頭了,莫怪近日口水特多還有常換到輕微拉稀臭毛毛的大便尿布
  • 學會開關電視機,站在電視機前,開、關、開、關 ~~~∞,或是打開電視機後,倒退到床上,躺下來看電視(跟誰學的?XD)
  • 會在床上左右滾翻
  • 會一股作氣邊尖叫衝過來撲到躺在床墊上的爸爸媽媽身上,撞到爸爸媽媽肋骨發痛
  • 可以自己坐在玩具箱玩具桶前玩半天,也喜歡跑去廚房開櫃子開抽屜拿餐具木匙或即溶飲料包來玩
  • 會拿水果、餅乾、cheerios 餵爸媽阿姨,包括自己嘴巴裡面吃到一半的(噁~)
  • 愛趴在玻璃落地窗前看電車、汽車和路人
  • 跟雜貨店、蔬果店、花店老闆老闆娘是好朋友



矽屏障 Silicon Shield,是一本由澳洲籍記者撰寫探討IC產業為台灣最堅實國防利器的著作,後來作者 Craig Addison 著手將書的內容拍成紀錄片,目前紀錄片即將剪輯完成。






  Craig Addison生於澳洲雪梨,一九九二年遷居香港,並開始研究、撰寫有關台灣、中國大陸及亞洲各國電子及半導體業之發展。在電子業內擔任記者、編輯、顧問十五年以上。一九九四年至一九九七年間,他曾擔任以資深高科技管理人為對象的《亞洲電子業》(Electronic Business Asia)月刊總編輯。一九九九年起,他開始研究海峽兩岸的政治及經濟發展,而於二???年初,發展出「矽盾」的理論,並開始著手撰寫成他的第一本著作。



The Silicon Shield documentary will explore the political and economic situation in the Taiwan Strait and implications for the global high tech economy.

It will show how Taiwan built a unique defense strategy against aggression from China, the so-called Silicon Shield. Taiwans semiconductor industry would protect the island from attack as cross-strait tensions brought military conflict with China closer to reality.

When completed, the program will air on national public television in the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed nations. The producers are seeking financial contributions to fund the production of the documentary.

The filmmakers will use talking head interviews, combined with archival and modern day film footage, to tell the story of the Silicon Shield and how it will protect Taiwan. The documentary concept is based on the book, Silicon Shield, published in 2001. Filming begins in Taiwan in September 2006 and continues through 2007, both in Taiwan and the United States. The producers plan to have the documentary completed and ready for broadcast before the 2008 Taiwan and U.S. presidential elections.

按此前往觀看 Trailer

目前已確定這部紀錄片會在加州 San Mateo 的 KCSM 公共電視台播放,舊金山的 KQED 已要求試看 DVD 樣片,決定是否在該台播出。



其實寫牢騷憤怒發洩文很多時候都不能不願不想指名道姓 每次寫都覺得自己很像被關在家裡太久發神經胡思亂想的家庭主婦 發瘋歇斯底里又精神失常 不過不寫又覺得難過 而且以前反正已經寫那麼多篇了 所以 那就來吧


好心好意 doing you a big favor 還要被你羞辱 真他馬的 如果是朋友早就跟你大刀切三塊決交到外太空去了(這是什麼意思啊?!) 可是這種關係又切不斷 因為那個聯繫無論如何都會輾轉找上門 所以我他馬的就該逆來順受這種鳥氣 真是他ㄋㄋ的倒楣

還有跟你說 事情當然都有兩面 但是如果有時候你想要看清楚其中的一面 你當然是會暫時擱置另一外一面 不要去理會公平不公平這種事 因為這時候的深究跟公平正義是沒.有.關.係.的 所以他馬的你鼻要在那裡裝正義公平 想要 kiss ass 就直接講清此 我也是可以了解和體諒的

當然我的價值不是最高尚最理想 而且我的價值他馬的秤一秤一斤不值半毛錢 但是我起碼尊重你有你的價值 所以我有我的哲學也請你他馬的放尊重一點 不要拿你的病態價值來衡量我 對我現在是 passing judgment 但是我沒有指名道姓也沒有當任何人的面潑糞 重點是 你要怎樣評價別人 心裡怎樣看不起人 是你家的事情 要在夜裡跟枕邊人分享也OK not my problem 但是不要拿來強加在別人的身上 即是至親都不可以了 更何況這種近不近遠不遠朋友不朋友的關係

也不要把我當假想敵 我承認我也有假想敵 人都想追求進步 有時變態一下以打倒假想敵的方式改進自己也是無妨 但是不要延伸的太過分 也不要認為所有人都是你的敵人 那就真的是有病了好嗎

呼~發洩完了好爽 瘋婆子可以變身回到妖嬌妻子好媽媽的身分 繼續上工假嫻淑 還有晚上要繼續打拼做個稱職廉價文字女工 唉 那ㄟ這呢歹命~~~


帶一個 toddler 一天下來真的是蠻累的,因此前一陣子沒什麼案子沒錢賺我也都沒有怨言。不過最近可能累積下來的睡眠不足與過勞開始 taking its toll,感覺身體很容易疲倦,然後就在這個時候,事情就接二連三的來。白天累翻了晚上還要上工敲鍵盤,真是。。。 What can I say, life is good.... orz