random notes on recent baby development

  • knows that she needs to wait for food
  • show frustration, protest
  • drink milk (cow' milk, whole) out of straw cup while walking around
  • tries to put cap back on bottle
  • show more cause and effect behaviors
  • knows the relation between remote and TV, found a new unused remote and tried it on our TV
  • bullies the cat: pull his tail, pull his hair, hit him really hard... (the interesting/amusing thing is -- our evil cat simply put up with all the beating.)
  • fascinated by my wallet, diaper bag, junk mail (she actually 'reads/studies' them)
  • plays with her own dirty laundry -- picks clothes out of laundry basket and drop them all over the apartment
  • tries to put clothes/socks/shoes on and tries to take them off by herself
  • tries to use foam blocks as step stool to climb up
  • loves to play with daddy's vinyls and mommy's DVDs
  • beginning to think mom belongs to her (showing ownership)? (not sure)
  • progress on weaning -- have managed to 'quit' evening feeding. only morning feeding left to go.
  • eats 3 major meals (congee cooked with broth and veggie, milk) a day and misc. snacks in between, including fruits, finger foods, and whatever mom's eating
  • learned to stomp - on kitty's tail, on a piece of cookie she dropped earlier

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