notes on baby development

  • pretend play: picks nothing up and place it in my hand; picks "nothing" up from the chair and place it on my computer keyboard
  • learned how to walk backwards
  • transport small objects from one container to another (favorite object: kitty food)
  • open sliding door: she opened the heavy glass door and walked out to the balcony... our hearts nearly stopped (details later... this merits another post)
  • climb up a box and climb back down
  • loves to dance
  • weaned: actually, as of this morning, we cut the morning nursing and gave her milk instead... she drank the whole straw cup full of milk
  • switching to one nap
  • push and pull big objects (her walker, our dining chair)
  • anticipate what comes next, in the Wiggles video, specifically the Teddy Bear rhyme (start circling on the palm of one hand with index finger of the other hand, before the song starts)
  • associate the name "Teddy Bear" with index finger doing circle motion on the palm of the other hand


Anonymous said...

Before you know it she will be asking for the car keys......


id_anomaly said...

before we know it, boys will come to our door to ask her out... and James' going to love that. (wink)