Fresh Air Movie Review: Flight of the Red Balloon

這是一個多月前的廣播了(4/11) 今天清倉/做功課才聽到
Fresh Air 節目的影評通常很簡短 有時候很 harsh
這集花了 5 分多鐘介紹【紅氣球之旅】
並且推崇為大師傑作 有空可以點連結過去聽聽

In Paris, a 'Red Balloon' with an Eastern Air

[5 min 3 sec]

Song Fang and Simon Iteanu in 'Flight of the Red Balloon'
Tsai cheng-tai

Finding emo: Song (Song Fang) tends to lonely Simon (Simon Iteanu) while the boy's mother comes apart. Courtesy of IFC Films

“Hou is a Taiwanese filmmaker who tells slow, meditative stories, often centering on the act of storytelling itself.”

Fresh Air from WHYY, April 11, 2008 · In the past few years, we've seen many pointless remakes of old movies. What we haven't seen enough of are fictional films that engage in a kind of dialogue with the movie past.

I don't mean Quentin Tarantino's amusing homages to the grindhouse ecstasies of his youth. I mean something like Hou Hsiao-hsien's new Flight of the Red Balloon, a masterpiece that uses as its springboard another masterpiece — Albert Lamorisse's 1956 The Red Balloon, that lyrical fantasy of a French boy followed around Paris by a devoted balloon with a mind of its own.

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