The evil cat strikes back

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Little Devil: Evilcat

N : 3

All babies love animals... including vicious house pets. (grin)

Lynn loves to chase Niki around, hit him, pull his tail and yank out chunks of hair on his back. Most times Niki just puts up with the baby beating. However, the evil cat strikes back sometimes.

First strike happened a couple months ago, only a very minor scratch. Second one was about 2 weeks ago, two somewhat serious scratches on her face. Third time just happened... while she was busy hitting and yanking out bunches of Niki hair, the evilcat jolted and tried to take out a chunk of baby's arm, leaving several scratches on her right hand and around the elbow.

I disinfected the cuts with rubbing alcohol and put some Mentholatum on the wounds while giving both the cat and the "she-devil" a lecture.... yeah, like they listen.

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