[Modern Working Class]

Temporary installation by LynnDrum, 2007

藝術界新星米小鼓,a.k.a. LynnDrum,是一位堅持凡爬過必留下痕跡的行為藝術家.小鼓利用現成物例如餅乾屑,在爬過的地方自由揮灑,表達「曾經存在」的抽象時間概念.為了抗議鼓媽總是takes down the documentation of her performance art, she decides to make an installation to show her mom that she doesn't agree with her mom's idea. To do so, she chooses the symbolic icon - a come in handy vacuum cleaner, and bribes her dad to support her.

this work shows the strength of power. How 2 messy people can tie together to go against so called "clean your own shit"

The object - cell phone, represents that artist Lynn really wants to talk to her mom: mom, my 餅乾屑 is a form of art. Don't clean it. love you.

auntie ah lu, san francisco report.

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