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各位參與米國總統初選辯論的機會來了。剛剛收到福爾摩莎基金會執行長 Terri Giles 的來信,大家一起來提關於台灣的問題,想辦法讓他們在加州辯論場上談台灣。不知道要提什麼問題的,也可以投票把台灣的問題推上去。
Dear Taiwan Supporter:

I will be helping out at the last Democratic Primary Debate that is being held in Los Angeles next Thursday (January 31 – 8:00 pm EST) and have learned that questions for both the Democratic and Republican debates are being solicited via the internet. See below for details.

While it may be a long shot I want to encourage everyone to submit a question about Taiwan’s democracy. I think it is important to try and get this issue on the candidate’s radar.

CNN Presidential Debates

• January 30, 8 p.m. ET: The Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate, Simi Valley, California.

• January 31, 8 p.m. ET: Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, Los Angeles, California.

Submit your questions to either party at http://dyn.politico.com/debate/

You can also vote for other people’s questions that you would like answered.

Sample {Category – Foreign Policy (not Iraq)}

· If China attacks Taiwan, what would you do?
· How important is it to American interests and to the friends of America in the Asia/Pacific region that a prosperous, democratic and autonomous Taiwan survive in the Western Pacific despite threats from China?
· How would your policy on Taiwan be different from the current or previous administration?


Terri Giles

Formosa Foundation

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