Shocking Words from Ma

Should be making Christmas day feast but I couldn't help posting this one.

Take a look at the shocking remarks from Ma Ying-jeo to the Shijou tribe people:

More details about this clip: please visit VivaTaiwan TV

Fast forward to 7:24, you will hear Ma said to the tribe's people:
“你既然來到我們的城市, 就是我們的人. 你來到台北就是台北人.我把你當人看, 我把你當市民看. 要好好的把你教育, 好好的提供機會給你. 我覺得應該這樣子做, 所以我覺得原住民的心態, 要從那個地方調整. 我來到這個地方, 我就要照這個地方的游戲規則來玩

Roughly translated:
"You've come to our city and that makes you our people. You are in Taipei so you are Taipei citizens. I am treating you like human beings. I am treating you like citizens. I make an effort to educate you, offer you opportunities. I think it's how it should be. So I feel that for the aboriginals, you should adjust your mentalities. You've come to this place and you will play it by the rules here."

At 06:16, Ma also said:

It's not (aboriginals') genes the problem, it's opportunities.

My comments:
  1. as if aboriginals were human being to begin with.
  2. aboriginals need to be educated? such arrogance!
  3. they are the 'aboriginals' hence they existed on this island way before you, Mr. Ma. now tell me who came to who's place?
  4. who makes the rule? and the rule is to build banks along all other sections of the neighborhood but only skip the Shijou section?
  5. It's not a "gene" problem... ok, don't even know where to begin on this one.
  6. more later, maybe....
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沒多久,忽然一個六十歲左右的婦人跑過來,對著電視機指指點點的大罵:『這個民進黨垃圾步、奧步、不要臉….』,他跑到我們旁邊來,想加入聊天,大概是看到我這個比他年輕的歐巴桑,不像他們以為的一高二低沒水準的民進黨支持者的樣子,我看了他一眼,繼續跟身邊不認識的歐吉桑聊:『我們應該支持十八趴,支持全民領十八趴!』歐吉桑說:『對啊!大家都要十八趴!』我接著又說:『應該全民來領終身俸!』另一位歐吉桑知道了我的用意,就說:『對啊,應該大家都來領終身俸,怎麼可以只有少數人在領呢!』那婦人就瞪大了眼睛,激動的大喊:『 憑什麼!憑什麼你們也可以領?』知道年輕歐巴桑是綠營的,馬上知道歐巴桑是非我布爾喬亞族類,是一高二低類....


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