Boycott all China made goods

Millions of toys recalled; contain 'date rape' drug

Two U.S. children went into comas after swallowing Chinese-made Aqua Dots found to contain a chemical that converts into 'date rape' drug when ingested.


I will try my best to avoid anything Made in China from now on.

I'll admit, before I have Lynn, I sometimes cave in and get goods that are made in China. The reason is simple, I have no choice. But it's time for concerned consumers/parents like me to fight back. Enough is enough. I will try my best to find alternatives if I can only find MIC ones for the item I want to purchase.

I have added a new RSS feed to the right panel... It's a blog dedicated to providing information on "Not Made In China- a collection of China-free toys and household products"(非中國製 產品訊息).

Thanks to Carol from Florida for providing the info.


Tim Maddog said...

Count me in! Good to see your collection of related posts in the sidebar, too.

Tim Maddog

Sweet Potato said...

Glad to see someone share the same thought.

I just got another link, 500+ toys not made-in-china. http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/500-not-made-in-china-50110507
Hope you find it useful also.

id_anomaly said...

Thanks Tim. Welcome aboard!

Thanks carol! Another post on a compiled list of not-made-in-china sites/news is coming!