Grandpa's humor

Grandpa sent words...

I think the world needs more warning labels.......


How about:

WARNING! - Gravity has been shown to result in an increased risk of injury when used in conjunction with other products such as "Floor" or "Sidewalk".

Love ya


Seriously. Isn't it common sense never leave a child unattended and not use a infant seat or car seat on any elevated surface?

真的沒想到會有父母親把小孩子放在 bumbo seat 上然後放在桌子或櫃臺/流理台上。小鼓一天到晚也從 bumbo 椅子翻出來,大人一定要在旁邊看著,這是一定的啊!Grandpa (小鼓的米國阿公)發明的 warning label 真是正中要害,哈哈哈。

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