Back from SLC

Just got back from SLC as part of the TECO and filmmakers delegation team. Participated in many events and gatherings, met a lot of friends. Exhausted but happy.

Felt like I should write about what happened during the trip but still too tired. Am going to simply jot down some thoughts, randomly.

J once said to me that I am a very good example of the saying "Sometimes the highest paying job is the one you do for free." This time, I felt even stronger about this. I do get compensated for doing what I do, but the generosity and talent of the people I met during this trip is the greatest pay I have received for being a part of the Taiwan Film Festival and Taiwan Cultural Festival.

Baby Lynn was a super star, whenever she makes an appearance, whether it being in the lobby of the hotel, or a dinner gathering. and J is the best and the most supportive husband...

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