Stupid Conversation

Trilingual Wife: What did you get?
American Husband: Oh I bought the most awesomest pants during lunch break.

Trilingual Wife: the most awesomest?
American Husband: Yeah, the most awesomest!

Trilingual Wife: Why do you have to use superlative twice? It's redundant.
American Husband: No it's not.

Trilingual Wife: Then tell me what's the difference between “awesomest” and “most awesomest”?
American Husband: “THE MOST AWESOMEST” is more than awesome. It's MOST awesomest. BEYOND awesomest.

Trilingual Wife: That doesn't make any sense at all.
American Husband: Don't you dare doubt my language ability. I am the native speaker here. And English is the only single language I speak. I spent 30 years focus on this language. What do you know? You think you know better? Well, I think not.

Trilingual Wife: ......


Anonymous said...

>I spent 30 years focus on this language.


id_anomaly said...

Hi YY:

Not sure what your question is.... what the "american husban" meant was that "he's been speaking the language for 30 years".

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be, 'I spent 30 years focusing/focused on this language'?

id_anomaly said...


This is not an ESL article...