Boycott Mattel, for life

Can't believe my eyes when I read this --

Mattel apologizes to China over recalls

Simply outraged. Does Mattel think they can get away with this? As a mother of a 5 month old baby (and plan on having a second baby next year), I vow that I will never buy Mattel products ever. Will not buy their products for my own kid. Certainly will not send them as gifts to my friends. I will not give Mattel the chance to manufacture more safety-hazard toys out of China. I understand a company's need to cut cost and make profit. But a toy manufacturer who is too busy kow-towing to the rouge Chinese authorities, ignoring customers' concerns, and putting children at risk does not deserve my money.

Check this page for Mattel product listings.

And I will also write or call to Mattel to let them know my decision.

International Consumer Assistance Page of Mattel
Mattel 各國客服聯繫方式

I suggest all mothers out there to support this and write to Mattel.

For Taiwan:
For consumer inquires, please contact:
Ms. Jessica Tseng
Mattel Taiwan Corporation
Tel: +886 2 27670068 #352


id_anomaly said...

厚~真正氣死。我打電話去 fisher-price 的美國客服專線反應,那位小姐竟然說我誤解這個道歉的意思,說什麼也是對所有客戶道歉。那在美國道歉就好了,幹嘛派人專程到中國去叩頭。還跟我爭半天,最後我就丟下「總之我終身不會再買你們的產品,也會叫我朋友不要買。請告訴你的老闆的老闆的老闆。」然後掛掉電話。

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