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Taiwanese Heavy Metal Shout Out Loud in U.S.


Increasingly their American fans are catching on.

“I didn’t know much about the political situation in Taiwan, but I know that China’s oppressing Taiwan,” said Abe Newman, 26, of Napa, as he nodded his head to Chthonic’s music at an Ozzfest concert in Mountain View, Calif.

“It’s cool that they have a stand,” his friend, Chris Keen, agreed. “It makes them stand out.”

Billy Juang, another fan at Ozzfest, said that he found the band on the Internet in 2003 but did not realize the band’s political message until a few months ago.

“They are the best ‘black metal’ band around. They are so original,” Juang said.

The degree to which their American fans have become more familiar with their cultural and political background is impressive, Lim admitted. When the band released the album "9th Empyrean" (Nightfall Records) in the United States in 2002, some fans had thought that they were from Japan.

“At our first show at Ozzfest, some fans brought our CD and wanted our autograph but they asked us to sign it in Japanese. I said, ‘No, we are from Taiwan,’” Lim said. “More and more I see fans on our Internet forums saying that they want to fight for Taiwan and they’re ready to guard this island.”

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