Unlimited ChthoniC, Unlimited Taiwan

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Unlimited ChthoniC, Unlimited Taiwan



二○○七年,閃靈將展開兩個月近五十場的演出,踏上台灣的音樂界最長的征途。這個面對美國數十萬樂迷的巡迴演唱會,我們定名為「UNlimited」,一方面要強調台灣無限 (unlimited)的潛力,另一方面,也要用「UN Limited Taiwan」來表達我們對聯合國對台灣設限的抗議;我們特別錄製了同名的最新創作歌曲,期盼透過音樂的力量,讓更多國際友人了解台灣,支持台灣。

這場UNlimited巡迴在美國場次結束後,將繼續展開歐洲、亞洲場次,讓台灣的能量繼續unlimited 。

Unlimited ChthoniC, Unlimited Taiwan

From all over the world Taiwan's bright lights of gifted, creative and dynamic people have emerged from the darkness to provide a sense of inspiration for all. Taiwan's sparkling lights range from sculptor Ming Chu, to the internationally-acclaimed director Ang Lee, the internationally renowned Cloud Gate dance troup, Go world champion Chun-hsun Chou, the Sahara-crossing ultra-marathon runner Kevin Lin, and Major League Baseball players Chien-ming Wang, Hong-chih Kuo, and Chin-hui Tsao. Taiwan's creative gifts and energy can not be contained within borders or forced to abide by the restrictions of political deal-making. The 23 million people of Taiwan are living diligently and sensibly, with the wish to freely thrive in this world as equal partners on our shared planet.

For far too long, China's authoritarian government has been greedily eyeing Taiwan to take possession and exploit the island nation. Members of the world community have allowed China to succeed in suppressing Taiwan's international presence in every possible way.

Today, the reality of Taiwan as a nation is being ignored by international policy makers world wide. The rights and wishes of Taiwan's people are coldly disregarded by some of the very international organizations which claim to support the rights of all people as equal members of the international community, free from the shackles of colonialism and servitude.

Beginning In 2007, ChthoniC will launch its largest and most ambitious project to date; a major tour in the United States, covering fifty concerts in sixty days. Chthonic will set out on the longest "march" in the history of Taiwanese music, unleashing the full power of music to embrace its American fans in a rocking tour-de-force of uninhibited, unrestrained and unapologetic musical energy. For this we are calling our tour "Unlimited".

In "Unlimited" - we want to emphasize the "Unlimited" potential of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people. We will also highlight "UN Limited Taiwan", an endeavor to strongly protest how the UN (United Nations) limits Taiwan's full participation as an independent country. ChthoniC has recorded "Unlimited Taiwan ", a new single specifically created to headline this campaign. Hopefully, more and more international friends will understand and support Taiwan, through the "Unlimited" power of music.

Our world tour will include dates in Europe and Asia followed by our series of shows in the U.S. --Keeping the energy of Taiwan "Unlimited".

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