Taiwan: The Struggles of a Democracy

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Dr. Jerome Keating's new book just came out.

To all,

The Irvine Incident is past and has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion thanks to the quick and dedicated work of the Taiwanese Community in Southern California and across America.

In one way it has brought Taiwan's situation more out in the open but at the same time it has shown how many remain unaware of it as well.

Perhaps the timing could not have been better, for my work, "Taiwan, the Struggles of a Democracy" has finally come off the press and should be available in stores in Taiwan in the next week.

The book compiles many of my writings over the past two years into one work; the attached 'Preamble' presents the purpose of the book. (Also attached are copies of the cover).

If you know of anyone coming to Taiwan over the summer, and you like the work, we can look for ways to get copies back to the States.

This is a work that presents the past, present, and future of Taiwan that many are not aware of.


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Back cover of the book.

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