Deadly Delicious Combo

I blame the strong cup of coffee I had today to keep me from falling asleep. But overall today (yesterday) was a really good day.

Woke up had breakfast with J then he went to work. I started hacking on my translation. Ah-lu found me on MSN and we chatted a bit. Around 3 o'clock I felt like I've worked too long in front of the computer and decided to take a walk.

First went down to Mission and bought fish and shrimp. The handsome butcher guy cleaned my fish and gave me a great smile. Then I went to the tofu store. Found some cheap mushrooms on sale. Score. Thought that should about complete my walk and I started heading home. On 22nd St. I walked by this gelato place where there's always a line, I decided to go in and get some ice cream... just because the sun is out, the weather is great, and I am enjoying my life.

I bought a small styrofoam container full of ice cream. Picked 3 flavors: kiwi, mango, and yogurt. (I have been drooling about Taiwan's 芒果冰 which I obviously won't be able to have in a while... why do I torture myself?)

I got home and tried out the ice cream... god damn... it was good. The kiwi is tart and perfect... better than I imagined. Mango is rich and creamy while the yogurt one is a bliss. Then I discovered, scoop a bit of mango and a bit yogurt... now THAT is what I call a deadly delicious combo.

This is the store:

Relayed from CitySearch Website.
I couldn't find a better picture online so... MUST go again and take pictures (and buy more ice cream) myself.
La Copa Loca
3150 22nd St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Cross Street: Capp Street

Then I continued on my translation until I can call it done... it was almost 10pm. J's about to get home. Started rice and preparing dinner. I made a mixed vegetable & mushroom stir fry (2 kinds of mushrooms, 2 kinds of bell peppers, some celery and green onion strips). For seasoning I only used a dash of salt and some balsamic vinegar (I don't have the Taiwanese 黑醋, otherwise it would have been even better.) The vinegar with the mixed vegetable stir fry was another deadly delicious combo. (Thanks mom!) The second dish (more like the second pot) was shrimp miso soup with tofu.

J was really happy to come home to an extrordinary meal, but he was ecstatic when after dinner we continued on with the gelato and finished off all of the mango+yogurt combo. Life is great. My awesome dinner and ice cream dessert was the super deadly delicious combo of the day.

OK, I think I am just having a ice cream high. Heeeeeeee.

ps. I think have cured my Taiwan MANGO ICE craving with the mango+yogurt combo. Or have I? ... maybe I should return to the store tomorrow, get another box and confirm.

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