Now I know....

how bad I am, addicted to and dependent upon my iBook and the internet. My iBook died on me Tuesday night and I spent all day Wednesday trying to fix it without success.

And dxxn it for the past 2 days I have been so restless without my iBook... James' PC is available but it's just not the same. With work piling up I really can't afford to live without my laptop for more than 2 days... We've been talking about selling my iBook and buying a mini or iMac... Maybe it's time to invest in a new computer. (Don't know if I should put a sad or excited face here. *Yeah* for new computer but *sigh* for my 'skinny' savings account.)

Now I'm off to the 'genius bar' at the apple store in downtown SF. Wish me luck 'cause I'll need lots of it.

Note to self: time to schedule a vacation AWAY from the cyberworld.

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