What in the world?

Either I've gone crazy or the world is upside down... I'm simply speechless. Isn't the CCP used to be the KMT's archenemy? And now the KMT is going to exhibit personal letter of the "late Chairman Mao Zedong"??!! And read this:
The exhibit includes a letter written by Mao in 1924, to the late Communist Lin Boqu and KMT member Peng Sumin, both of whom had participated in the KMT's First National Congress which was held that year and marked the start of cooperation between the two parties.
Thus the exhibition of such letter in 2006 is to echo with the 1924 cooperation between the two parties? I couldn't believe my eyes.
Taipei sources said the exhibition are activities sponsored by the KMT to commemorate the May 4th Movement, a patriotic campaign launched in 1919 by a group of young Chinese students and intellectuals to fight imperialism and feudalism.
What does the 1919 May 4th Movement in China have anything to to with Taiiwan in 2006?

I am really puzzled... My hubby asked if this will backfire on the KMT. My answer is, maybe, maybe not. With the blue fading into red (I can hear the glasses break in graphic artists, political analysts, historians... ), it seems that the supporters will embrace anything Chinese nowadays... and it simply makes me sick to my stomach.

KMT to Exhibit Mao Zedong's Personal Letter in Taiwan

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