For the past couple days I have busied myself in a grammar/writing book (Elements of Styles, William Strunk Jr. 1918) translation and learning CSS. My original idea for my business website was to install moveable type so that I could input content easier. However for some odd reason MT simply wouldn't let me login. :( After some struggle and a couple more intervening jobs I just gave up. I guess it's not a bad thing now I can learn one more skill (CSS) and I have got a teacher (thanks ah-Lu) to show me how dreamweaver work. That will be my next step.

After all of this I am thinking to myself... indeed the best way to learn is through work!!! With the basic html codes I've already learned, and .css source codes stolen (:p) from other websites, I was able to reverse-engineer how .css works. And the W3C website helped a lot. With the goal of putting up the content of EoS, in just a couple of days I managed to know the basics of CSS, came up with a comprehensive structure and layout of the EoS, and finished 5 pages!!!

My designer friend ah-Lu called it "very nice". James, on the other hand, was "surprised' that I can design such a good looking site! (Should I take that as a compliment or an insult?)

I remember a conversation I had... years ago when I was still in grad school, on a flight from New York to Chicago ... with a lawyer sitting next to me. She was practicing in Chicago but went to New York for a case. I was a graduate student, first year. She told me, you are young and you might think school work is tough and you can't bear the load. But after graduation and into the real world, you will find that you need to be more productive and handle a lot more stress than what you have now. I didn't want to believe her at the time. But damn she's right! Graduation was a long time ago, and I have done so much work since. I joked to my roommate that I could have gotten several Ph. D.'s if I had worked this hard back in school. (yeah that's an exaggeration... wasn't really cut out for a scholar/researcher job.)

Anyway this just another random blog entry to remind me how nice it is to learn new things and also to discover my "design talent". In addition, had I kept the name of the nice lady on that flight, I would love to meet her again and express my appreciation.

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