Perceived missle threat?!

Got this from Stop_george's comment on Michael Turton's blog here .
STOP_George said...
Take a look at the caption below this BBC picture.

Thank goodness for balanced international reporting, huh?! I mean, it's so good of the BBC to implicitly point out to us that an increasing missile count can also be symbolic of love.

I swear, it's time the Taiwan protesters get sarcastic with the international media. The next time they use these plastic missiles, hold up a huge sign behind them saying, "Threat? What threat?!"

4:59 PM
I'll relay the picture and what the caption reads here:

Protesters held missile models to illustrate the perceived threat from China.

Perceived?! Might as well said we imagined it. 哇林祖媽咧∼∼ 這位 BBC 記者,不管你是誰,你已經傷害了我台灣祖國二千三百萬同胞的感情了。


Simple logic: if there're about 800 missiles pointed at your country, it is a REAL threat, and a REAL threat will be PERCEIVED as a threat and not anything else. If they have to actually fire the missle at you to be considered a threat, then it's WAR. Capice?

[Taiwan], [China], [BBC]


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