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I haven't laughed so hard at a piece of news... I just had to blog about this one. And don't get me wrong, I love Taiwan dearly so this entry is not to make fun of Taiwanese people. Silly stories like this happens everywhere I'm sure.

So once upon a time.... (OK just kidding).

Basically what happened was, in a small village in central Taiwan, a husband (A) found out that his wife (B) was having an affair with another man. He also found out this person was another married man (C) living in the same village.

All 3 of them went into an argument and brought the matter to the village warden for a fair solution (Shock!). Why go to the warden? Because wife having an affair with another man is a "losing face" matter that is not suitable to bring to court. (Strange logic? Don't ask me why.) Under the interrogation (Shock!) of the warden, B and C admitted that they have slept with each other for 11 times.

Hunger for a "vengeance", A demanded that only under 3 conditions he will forgive C: "First option, you pay me 1 million dollars (NT)." C said, "I don't have that kind of money." A then said, "Second option, chop off one of your legs." C said, "Chop off my leg? Then I'm as good as a dead man. No way." A then said, "Well, third option is, your wife will have to sleep with me 11 times as well." (Shock!) C's response was, "OK, but I will have to ask my wife's permission." (Shock!)

C then went home to ask his wife (D). D listened to the story, got angry but agreed with her husband that the first 2 options was not reasonable and agreed to sleep with A for 11 times. (Shock!)

So A and D "executed" the "verdict" and had sex for 11 times. (Shock!) After the 11 times were over, A felt really good about "doin' it" with D that he wanted more and wouldn't stop bother D. However, D refused. According to the news, apparently A thought there ought to be 11 times plus "interest".(Shock!) The whole issue was brought up to the village warden, AGAIN.

Now comes the best part of the story.....
The warden grabbed A and told him this: "Well, you're obviously no good in bed. (Shock!) If you are good, D would have been down for it but she has turned you down. And that is probably why your wife had an affair with another man in the first place. I think you ought to look hard into yourself and do something about it."

And of course the whole village knows about the affair, the solution, and the execution of the verdit, etc. Talk about "losing face"....

OK. My shock-o-meter is broken and I have to go wipe the tears in my eyes now. And why is this in the news? Don't ask me.

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