I want to go home

Last night, after all those talk about Taiwan and media and stuff... after the conversation where James told me not to get bent out of shape by the media, we started to talk about when we can move back to TW and where we want to live -- a common conversation topic for us.

Taichung... where it's close to J's mom in Salach, and not too far from Changhua where my folks are. And we can keep a nice [small] distance from our parents to avoid conflict. The highspeed rail should be completed by then. It will be very convenient to travel around the island, and fast.

Then there's Tainan. Last time when I was in Taiwan I re-visited Tainan city and couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of living in Tainan since. The thing to do is when we go back next year, I am going to have to drag James to Tainan and let him have a look-see. There's something about a city that combines new and old, history and modernity so well. I love the fact that all the street vendor stands my friend took me to have been around for decades. Buildings and streets in the small downtown Tainan are adorable, too.

And there's the question of what are we going to do (for a living) in Taiwan... which is always a fun topic.

After a while, seeing how we aren't really ready to move back to Taiwan yet... we started to fantasize if we're in Taiwan now, what do we want to do right now? My first thought went to the night market. I wanted to go to the night market and just walk around, shopping, or not. And have some street food, or not. If we're in Taipei, we might also walk to Taipei 101 and criticize the architechure of the apartment buildings along the way.... Oh those good times we spent in Taipei.

If we're in Changhua, I want to hop on the motorcycle and just ride around the country. Stop at a 7-11 to get some ice cream or chocolate for James. And just keep riding in the dim lit country roads.

Reality check: I'm not in Taiwan. I'm in San Francisco. OK. STOP fantasizing about being in Taiwan. I should get back to the ten thousand words translation gig. *cry*

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