Baboo Cafe on Irving

After the visit to the Dr. Chen, we walked on Irving St. all the way back to 18th and went to Baboo Cafe -- a restaurant owned by a Taiwanese couple (referred by a friend from the forum). We weren't really hungry but were rather more thirsty, so we ordered some green milk tea and the following.

IMG 4212
蒜香雞中翼 Garlic Chicken Wings
Very Yummy! Deep fried chicken wing with garlic sauce (green onions, finely chopped garlic, a bit of soy sauce, and sugar, I think). After tasting this one, I think next time I'm going to have the spicy version.

IMG 4211
鹽酥雞 Popcorn Chicken
Good. Again, popcorn chicken in the States can never be as good as the night market 阿財鹽酥雞 from Taiwan. But they did a good job.

IMG 4214
炸魷魚 Fried Calamari
On the picture it looks really yummy, but in reality, it is not. The batter is too thick and they used Italian seasoning... which is not what we're expecting at all.

Still have more visits to Dr. Chen's clinic so I am going back next week to try the beef noodles!

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