Tancredo: MLB Is not China’s Designated Hitter

Press Releases :: January 30, 2006

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Tancredo: MLB Is not China’s Designated Hitter

Congressman Calls Inclusion of Cuba, Dissing of Taiwan a Double Play

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a member of the House International Relations Committee, wrote Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig today asking him to give fair treatment to Taiwan’s baseball team in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. In the tournament, which is being played in lieu of the sport’s inclusion in the Olympics, Taiwan will be referred to as ‘Chinese Taipei’ and the team will be forbidden from displaying its national flag. The letter is reprinted below:

Dear Commissioner Selig,

I was disappointed to learn that Major League Baseball will require the Taiwanese team to compete in the upcoming World Baseball Classic under the moniker “Chinese Taipei.” I was also saddened to see that Taiwan is the only participant whose flag is not posted on the World Baseball Classic Website. Instead, the island republic is represented by its Olympic Committee banner rather than its national flag.

For more than 20 years, because of pressure from the People’s Republic of China, athletes from the Republic of China (Taiwan) have been forced to compete under the name “Chinese Taipei” in the Olympic Games even though Taiwan is not subject to the control of the unelected government in Beijing. The playing of the ROC National Anthem and the display of the ROC national flag when Taiwan’s athletes win medals is also not permitted. I understand this prohibition has even been extended to spectators in some cases. Why? Such restrictions seem particularly ridiculous when one contrasts the treatment of Taiwan with the treatment of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s status as a U.S. territory is not in dispute – yet their athletes have never been forced to use the name “American San Juan” or compete under an alternative flag. So why is independent Taiwan subjected to these arbitrary requirements?

Major League Baseball and the World Baseball Classic should not follow the example of the International Olympic Committee by acting as an accomplice in Communist China’s illogical and obsessive effort to restrict the freedom and insult the dignity of the 23 million people who live in Taiwan. It is unfair and inappropriate to treat Taiwan citizens this way and it is an indignity to ROC athletes who work just as hard as Cuban athletes, for example – athletes whose full participation you worked quite diligently to ensure. Instead, MLB should promote fair play – which, in the end, is truly what our National Pastime is all about.

I hope that you and the other organizers will take another look at this issue and afford the Taiwan team the same dignity and respect afforded to other participants of the World Baseball Classic.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Tancredo

Member of Congress

Member of the House International Relations Cmte.

感謝 Colorado 的 Mr. Tancredo (Member of Congress)為台灣的棒球隊正名而努力。Morninglewis 打算寫信給他致謝,並且將信件改改也寄給米國總統布希還有國務院。我百分之百支持。連絡了認識的 FAPA member,並且打算等稿件確定,game plan 確定之後,把信件也轉寄給灣區的台灣同鄉會。

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