[flaky girl's diary] stupid lower back pain

been in pain for 3 days now. i know i should go see a doctor but i resent the idea of going to a hospital or a clinic. but can't dodge it for long... must go next week. don't know exactly what is the problem but have a feeling that it has more to do with the female anatomy. siva was really worried i could tell. the fact that he called immediatly and told me all possibilities and what i should do shows. i'm very touched.

after finishing up the small translation case and the transcript of Ma's interview on HARDtalk, i spent all day trying to get movable type to work on the server. FAILED. first the cgi won't run. then mt-upgrade.cgi can not be found. i gave up and re-upload everything. another problem occurred... couldn't login to mysql server. i'm at my wits' end. maybe should've just get jazz to help but don't know if he's got time and if he's familar with MT. *sigh* oh well.

one thing i noticed while doing the transcript -->
i remember back in school when we were crammed, we read about the "reunification", emphasis on the "re-" prefix. as i learn more about taiwan history i realize that there's nothing "re" (again) about the unification with china. taiwan has never been a part of this chinese regime. and in the hardtalk interview, the host used 'unification' through out the interview. that pleased me. ^+++^

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