The Abolish of Republican Calendar

Taipei Times reports: Taiwan may drop idiosyncratic Republican calendar

I remember a couple years back rumor has it that there will no longer be Minguo (Republican) by Minguo 100 year. (民國100年) Some friends took that as Taiwan will declare independence by then. I had my doubts but at the same time I kept my fingers crossed. However, once in a discussion about Taiwan future with Dad, he said, he thinks that means the abolish of the Republican calendar. Looks like father was right!

Background information from Wikipedia:
The Republic of China formally adopted the Gregorian calendar at its founding on 1 January 1912, but China soon descended into a period of warlordism with different warlords using different calendars. With the unification of China under the Kuomintang in October 1928, the ROC government decreed that effective 1 January 1929 the Gregorian calendar would be used henceforth. However, the ROC retained the Chinese traditions of numbering the months and a modified Era System, backdating the first year of the ROC to 1912; this system is still in use in Taiwan where this ROC government remains. Upon its foundation in 1949, the People's Republic of China continued to use the Gregorian calendar with numbered months, but numbered its years in the Western fashion and abolished the ROC Era System.


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