Stuck in the wrong time zone

Since getting back from my Taiwan trip, this is the 6th day. People say that it takes a week to get over jet lag... but nooooo, I refuse to believe that I have jetlag. Darn it. I used to be proud of my 'ability' to not have jetlag. Guess I am 'aging'. People get old, I get old. Alas.

My sleeping pattern for the past couple days goes like this: 15 hours, 3 hours, 15 hours, 3 hours, 15 hours, 2 hours. *_* Doesn't that sound like a terrific schedule? (Ha!) Imagine getting up at 5 pm one day then 5am the next day... It sucks, I am telling you....

Earlier tonight when James and I were out smoking... He said to me, "baby it's okay, you've only been back for a couple days. it will be better." But I reminded him how terrible it feels to wake up at 5 pm and realize the sun is going down, again... Then he hugged me, "oh my poor baby, stuck in the wrong time zone." At the comment I sorta froze for a second. Yeah it was cold on a San Francisco winter night, but that's not why I froze.

That comment is so true and it goes with what I always say about my situation... I'm always home and away from home. When I was in Taiwan, I was stuck in the wrong time zone, too. I joked about how miserable James was (and it's true!) while I was away in Taiwan. But the truth is, I miss him, too.

Taiwan is home. And James is home, too.

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