[Memoirs of a Geisha]
... eye candy, acting's alright, still have trouble with Chinese actresses playing Japanese Geisha but think of it as a 'story' rather than a revealation on Geisha life and Japanese culture... it's not too bad in that sense. note on the 'story': it's not romance at all... it's perverted.

[Brokeback Mountain]
... gotta give it to Ang Lee again. it is truely a great love story. the 'cowboys' acting were excellent. relationships with the wives and the way wives behaves is a bit different than what i pictured it when reading the book. but in the film it all made sense. wyoming is beautiful and he captured it well.

but i have read the original novel a couple months ago, i have to say, the novel is still better than the movie. not that Lee didn't do a good job turning the story into film... it's just that i don't feel as moved by the film than i did the book. i remember when i finished the story, i was so moved and in such deep sadness that no words can describe really.

[Good Night and Good Luck]
... a burning accusation against Bush's patriot's act. lots of smoking (never realized that anchors can smoke on camera back then) and really feels like the 50's. a movie worth watching.

[King Kong]
... basically it's 3 movies in one:
act I: the journey out (recruiting and journey to the island);
act II: Jurassic Park;
act III: King Kong destroys New York.

Not as much screaming as I expected, ha. not as bad as the reviews have suggested. roach-like creatures on the island were insanely creepy. romantic scenes with Kong and the girl and sunset/sunrise made us laugh (sorry we're cynical people). the director really can't act. the script writer was too heroic. and the whole time during Act II I was wondering: why would the dino's and Kong fight for such little piece of meat? :P

overall i still admire Peter Jackson for remaking King Kong, but enough epic movies already.


More on Google.cn

比較好笑的是,google.cn 配合中國控制資訊的結果,擋掉了一大堆其他的商業、幽默、或含有特定關鍵字的地區、宗教、協會機構網站。

No booze or jokes for Googlers in China

這一篇文章裡面有一個列出哪些網站分別因為 Google, Microsoft, Yahoo 而被封鎖住。例如英國 Essex 的官方網站,因為地名中有 "sex",就被擋住了。

剛才我去搜尋了 Essex,文章中提到的 Essex County 的站排在第二名。。。我想是 News.com 的文章出來之後,Google.cn 立刻就修改了吧。我想那篇文章裡面列出的網站應該也一一被恢復了。

儘管如此,國際媒體對 Google 此舉是同聲譴責的,隨手拉兩篇連結如下:

Google in 'race to the bottom' in China

Bloomberg: If It Isn't Red, You Can't Read It on Google

不過 L.A.Times 社論倒是幫 Google 講話:
Not too evil

L.A. Times 的意思是說,雖然搶劫不好,但是至少沒有殺人,所以不是太糟?!

Don't be evil? Don't be greedy.

Google 的企業精神是 Don't be Evil. 不過進入剛剛啟用的 Google 中國搜尋網頁 http://www.google.cn,輸入下列關鍵字,得到的是這樣的結果:

搜尋關鍵字:西藏 獨立

搜尋關鍵字:台灣 獨立

Google 的創辦人之一 Sergey Brin 的說詞是這樣的:

Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin said his company's decision to self-censor its Chinese search system followed a change of heart over how best to foster the free flow of information according to an interview with Reuters the news agency.

"I didn't think I would come to this conclusion - but eventually I came to the conclusion that more information is better, even if it is not as full as we would like to see", Brin told Reuters in an interview in Switzerland.

"I know a lot of people are upset by our decision but it is something we have deliberated for a number of years", Brin said from the sidelines of the World Economic Forum conference.

"The practical matter is that over the last couple of years Google in China was censored - not by us but by the government, via the 'Great Firewall'", said Brin. "It's not something I enjoy but I think it was a reasonable decision."

"I totally understand that people are upset about it and I think that is a reasonable point of view to take", Brin said of Google's compromise in China.

新聞來源:Google defend decision to censor google.cn

配合中國政府,幫助威權政府過濾資訊,是一個 reasonable decision 嗎?我想 Sergey Brin 真正要說的是:中國需要控制資訊,是蠻合理的啊!Google 世界各地的其他使用者對於 google.cn 配合中國控制資訊覺得不高興,也是蠻合理的啦!不過我 Google Inc. 需要進軍中國搶占市場賺$$$,也是很合理的嘛!


在 Google News 上面搜尋 google.cn 的相關新聞

Lovely Day

話說今天我的時差終於完全調過來了,昨晚12點睡覺,今天早上 10 點起床。我一向很能睡,所以 10 點起床算是很正常了。

向窗外看看,藍天、陽光 -- 今天看起來是天氣很好的一天。

吃完老公煮的美味早餐,喝過咖啡之後,我開始整理房間。把一大堆該洗的衣服從洗衣籃裡面拉出來整理好丟進 duffle bag,把昨天去 thrift store 買回來的超便宜超好看的衣服標籤剪掉也整理好,準備要拿去洗。

我發現我只有幾張 1 塊錢的紙鈔,還有 20 元面額的米金。洗衣服需要 quarters,然後洗衣店的零錢兌換機只收1元和5元鈔。我想沒關係,到轉角商店去買東西換小鈔就好。於是我背上裝滿髒衣服的大帆布袋,還有一大塑膠袋的新[舊]衣,還有洗衣粉,出門,開始了我【帶賽】的遭遇。

1. 去轉角商店,拿 20 元鈔票,打算買一包洋蔥圈零食,換小鈔。平常很 nice 的老闆不在家,是女兒看店。她告訴我,沒有那麼多零錢。

2. 先去對街的洗衣店,把髒衣服放下來。

3. 走出洗衣店,到下一個轉角的咖啡店,用 20 元鈔票買了一杯 steamed soy,換到小鈔。

4. 走回洗衣店,邊喝 soy milk,邊把衣服丟到洗衣機裡面,總共裝滿三台機器,需要 8 x 3 = 24 個 quaters。轉頭走到零錢兌換機錢要換硬幣。Shit! 壞掉了。

5. OK, great. 沒關係,偷跑去下一個轉角的洗衣店換零錢好了。繼續邊喝 soy milk 走到那家洗衣店裡,準備換錢。。。。結果老闆竟然在裡面,看到我走進來換錢,被抓包了,我只好離開。

6. 走回家,找找看家裡有沒有老公隨處亂丟的 quarters,找到了 10 個。

7. 有小鈔,再去一次轉角商店,買洗碗要用的 sponges,跟老闆的女兒情商可不可以換 quarters。她只願意給我 1 dollar = 4 quarters. Lovely。

我回到洗衣店,算一算我只有 14 個硬幣。只夠洗一桶衣服,還有烘乾。 Lovely。選了其中一桶衣服,投入 8 個硬幣,倒入洗衣粉,開始洗衣服。然後把其他兩桶衣服從洗衣機裡拉出來,放回帆布袋跟塑膠袋,扛回家。

回到家,把可以輕鬆手洗的衣服拿出來,走進浴室開始洗衣服。然後把我去咖啡店買來的 steamed soy 喝完。

洗完也晾好衣服,我想那一桶衣服應該洗好了,再出門去轉角洗衣店,把衣服從洗衣機裡拿出來,放到乾衣機裡面。掏出口袋裡面剩下的 6 個 quarters,投入了 5 個硬幣(5 X 8min = 40 min)開始烘衣服。

準備要轉身先回家時,也在裡面洗衣服的一個人跟我打招呼說,「This one is not hot. I put in one quater and it's not hot...」我當場傻眼,「But I just put in 5 quarters. Great!」(啊不能用也不早點阻止我。。。T_T)

好吧!不熱我也沒辦法,40 分鐘後回來拿衣服回家晾好了。還好今天有陽光。

Such a lovely day today so far. XD

ps. 突然覺得這個過程好像打 RPG 破關,因為 HP 和 MP 都不夠,所以失敗了。。。
pps. 我可不可以告洗衣店要求精神賠償,這個過程,實在是太讓人沮喪了。。。
ppps. 如果不行要求賠償,再這樣下去,有一天我會 go postal on the laundromat...


Stuck in the wrong time zone

Since getting back from my Taiwan trip, this is the 6th day. People say that it takes a week to get over jet lag... but nooooo, I refuse to believe that I have jetlag. Darn it. I used to be proud of my 'ability' to not have jetlag. Guess I am 'aging'. People get old, I get old. Alas.

My sleeping pattern for the past couple days goes like this: 15 hours, 3 hours, 15 hours, 3 hours, 15 hours, 2 hours. *_* Doesn't that sound like a terrific schedule? (Ha!) Imagine getting up at 5 pm one day then 5am the next day... It sucks, I am telling you....

Earlier tonight when James and I were out smoking... He said to me, "baby it's okay, you've only been back for a couple days. it will be better." But I reminded him how terrible it feels to wake up at 5 pm and realize the sun is going down, again... Then he hugged me, "oh my poor baby, stuck in the wrong time zone." At the comment I sorta froze for a second. Yeah it was cold on a San Francisco winter night, but that's not why I froze.

That comment is so true and it goes with what I always say about my situation... I'm always home and away from home. When I was in Taiwan, I was stuck in the wrong time zone, too. I joked about how miserable James was (and it's true!) while I was away in Taiwan. But the truth is, I miss him, too.

Taiwan is home. And James is home, too.



這趟回台灣帶回來的 supply:

台灣咖啡半磅、咖啡梅 1 斤、潽耳茶磚
傳統喜餅 4 盒、大甲奶油酥餅
黑糖 2 包、豆干數種(黃日香、大溪)、花生小魚乾x3
香煙 3 條、air wave 口香糖 3 罐
King Kong 毛毛拖鞋、室內拖鞋x2
襪子、暖暖爐 x2
7-11鋼彈 x6,扭蛋鋼彈 x3
0079,Keroro、白色巨塔、電車男 VCD
賴和.河 音樂CD



這是去年(2005)年底 12 月 27 日發表的


English Version: Our Position on China's Rise


DPP 每天都應該不斷強力放送這樣的訊息和立場!

ps. 回頭在蕃薯藤新聞和 Yahoo 新聞搜尋過,台灣各大平面、電子媒體對此隻字未提!


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