Visual? Mathematician?

Midway thru work, my thoughts kinda wondered away with the earlier IQ test result: Visual mathematician.

I got curious and hit google with these key words and check this out. Wow! That's quite a group of fellow Visual Mathematicians.

My own wondering actually was more about the word "mathematician" for me.

Visual maybe... I've got different tests saying that I am a bit more right-hemisphere dominant, which is more visual. This is also when I'd start wondering if the "stuffing-the-duck" education had screwed me over. Growing up I've always thought/felt that I am terrible at math and art and any physical activities. But I have a feeling (ok. just a feeling), if I had proper art education, I might actually be good at arts.

But not math though. Never liked math and never was good at math. But maybe again, it's my 'genious' high school math teacher's fault. She started me on this "I-hate-math" business. Hee.

In so many different levels I was such a good student growing up. Now maybe I should add this to my list: I was so good at following what school teachers told me (or not-knowingly-lied to me) that I mastered more left-brain activities and took in all the linear logic reasoning... despite my right-brainness.

Hmm... then funny how I should choose, in a way, "word-processing" as a career. Words, words, words, whether it is curriculum development or translation, I struggle with words everyday. Funny eh?! More points to wonder for later.

Now back to the Visual Mathematician crap. I noticed at the bottom of the page, there're other types....
Visionary Philosopher
Facts Curator
Insightful Linguist
Inventive Inquisitor
Inspired Inventor
Precision Processor
Word Warrior
Visual Mathematician
If this is a "choose what you think decribes you best" type of question, let me think.... I'd say that I am more like a "Precision Processor" or a "Word Warrier" I suppose. But I'd like to 'grow up' to be a "Visionary Philospher" or an "Inspired Inverntor".

Maybe this will be my New Year's Resolution.

As for the test result, may I just say... Visual Mathematician, my arse!

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