16℃ crappy

Woke up to a thunder storm this morning. James yelled, "what the fuck is that?" hearing the low muffled thunder noise. The thunder sounded far yet all around. Then came lightening. Through the thick curtain in our dark bedroom, light came through. James started to count, one, two, before he could say three, another roar of thunder.

James dragged himself out of bed, poor thing, imagine going to work on such a crappy morning. I said at least there's heat at the store, you won't be cold, hoping to comfort him. Guessed that worked 'cause he started making fun of how miserable I'll be being left home alone in the cold without heat.

It is indeed a crappy day for me not only weather-wise, but also uterus-wise.... the organ that is crucial to my womanhood (>o<") but gives me pain each month. Early afternoon I lay in bed hearing the heavy rain, the wind and the scatterred thunder, imagining blood flowing down and out. Why do I do this to myself? Before I can pull myself out of it and reach for a pain killer and a glass of water, I fell asleep.

Sleep is good, and bad. I forgot about the pain while sleeping but after I woke up, there goes the rest of the afternoon. I suppose it is not so bad since it's not like there's any chance of sunshine today anyway. And I am back to the late owl schedule tonight I think.


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