15℃ sunshine... at the end of the tunnel


手腕在不停的打字、上網搜尋資料、以及貪玩 GB micro 之間切換,已經開始酸痛。(活該! XD)不過想到工作一但完成,接下來的修改版就快了,不禁令我想要大大的呼一口氣。



Visual? Mathematician?

Midway thru work, my thoughts kinda wondered away with the earlier IQ test result: Visual mathematician.

I got curious and hit google with these key words and check this out. Wow! That's quite a group of fellow Visual Mathematicians.

My own wondering actually was more about the word "mathematician" for me.

Visual maybe... I've got different tests saying that I am a bit more right-hemisphere dominant, which is more visual. This is also when I'd start wondering if the "stuffing-the-duck" education had screwed me over. Growing up I've always thought/felt that I am terrible at math and art and any physical activities. But I have a feeling (ok. just a feeling), if I had proper art education, I might actually be good at arts.

But not math though. Never liked math and never was good at math. But maybe again, it's my 'genious' high school math teacher's fault. She started me on this "I-hate-math" business. Hee.

In so many different levels I was such a good student growing up. Now maybe I should add this to my list: I was so good at following what school teachers told me (or not-knowingly-lied to me) that I mastered more left-brain activities and took in all the linear logic reasoning... despite my right-brainness.

Hmm... then funny how I should choose, in a way, "word-processing" as a career. Words, words, words, whether it is curriculum development or translation, I struggle with words everyday. Funny eh?! More points to wonder for later.

Now back to the Visual Mathematician crap. I noticed at the bottom of the page, there're other types....
Visionary Philosopher
Facts Curator
Insightful Linguist
Inventive Inquisitor
Inspired Inventor
Precision Processor
Word Warrior
Visual Mathematician
If this is a "choose what you think decribes you best" type of question, let me think.... I'd say that I am more like a "Precision Processor" or a "Word Warrier" I suppose. But I'd like to 'grow up' to be a "Visionary Philospher" or an "Inspired Inverntor".

Maybe this will be my New Year's Resolution.

As for the test result, may I just say... Visual Mathematician, my arse!


Again a same old overcast Frisco winter day... and guess what?! I have something lame to say about the holidays and it's better put in Mandarin: 放假比工作還要累。

Between all that cooking and eating and chattering.... oh yes, and the brand new GBM... heee. :P (James the overspender got me a present AGAIN. But he says it's for "us" not just for "Claire aka my nerdy wife." well, According to "Claire aka your clever wife", ie. me, the GBM is entirely, solely mine and mine alone... HA!)

Anyway. That was how I spend the past 2 days (and nights!).

Today is the day to get back on track trying to finish work before Taiwan. But before getting started, I took a little detour and did a little IQ test for my silly Cat. OK, he can't really read so it was actually my score and my result.

Congratulations, Niki!
Your IQ score is 127

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician. This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

... this is done over a superb cup of coffee, rather loud indie music, with warm space heater blowing at my feet and a slight annoyance about the length of my IQ test detour. I suppose this is more like a normal day-to-day situation and reflects more truthfully about my IQ. . . that is if this test is indeed, according to the site, "PH. D. certified, and also if these PH.Ds are for real.


15℃.gloomy outside, sunny inside



這幾天忙趕稿,忙 shopping,昨天差點跟老公吵架。可惡的 James 讓我一個人包裝禮物,一個人寫卡片,而他自顧自的 napping。睡醒起來也沒看我卡片寫什麼,隨便簽了名,還嫌棄我包裝得很醜。吃了熊心豹子膽了!!今天還讓我在雨中撐傘捧著包裹走去郵局寄禮物。給偶記字∼∼∼他要為此付出相當的代價的,嘿嘿嘿!!


16℃ crappy

Woke up to a thunder storm this morning. James yelled, "what the fuck is that?" hearing the low muffled thunder noise. The thunder sounded far yet all around. Then came lightening. Through the thick curtain in our dark bedroom, light came through. James started to count, one, two, before he could say three, another roar of thunder.

James dragged himself out of bed, poor thing, imagine going to work on such a crappy morning. I said at least there's heat at the store, you won't be cold, hoping to comfort him. Guessed that worked 'cause he started making fun of how miserable I'll be being left home alone in the cold without heat.

It is indeed a crappy day for me not only weather-wise, but also uterus-wise.... the organ that is crucial to my womanhood (>o<") but gives me pain each month. Early afternoon I lay in bed hearing the heavy rain, the wind and the scatterred thunder, imagining blood flowing down and out. Why do I do this to myself? Before I can pull myself out of it and reach for a pain killer and a glass of water, I fell asleep.

Sleep is good, and bad. I forgot about the pain while sleeping but after I woke up, there goes the rest of the afternoon. I suppose it is not so bad since it's not like there's any chance of sunshine today anyway. And I am back to the late owl schedule tonight I think.



8℃ chance of sunshine



低氣壓逼近,我的背脊立刻就知道了。很清楚自己在逃避不去醫院掛診做個檢查,一下找藉口說要回台灣了,怕約診時間正好要回台灣。要不就說回去台灣看比較習慣 blah blah。其實心裡很清楚在這裡至少要找個全科醫生,而不能光靠自己當蒙古大夫。只是我不曉得我這鴕鳥心態要讓我拖到幾時。


chance of rain 的天氣,換個角度看,就是 chance of sunshine.




Ranting 不一定要有對象






now stop already...


KMT has lost its way in election campaign

新聞來源:Taipei TImes
By Chin Heng-wei 金恆煒
Thursday, Dec 01, 2005,Page 8

Last Sunday, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) pulled out all the stops ahead of Saturday's elections, in a bid to boost their popularity. But the key to winning the elections will be whether they can mobilize their diehard supporters. The party that can better mobilize its base will have an advantage.

Many people are saying that voters don't care about these elections, and that this is the case for both KMT and DPP supporters. After KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) launched a march to mobilize supporters, the DPP organized a march in response. Interestingly, the Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) was unwilling to ally itself with the DPP, while the People First Party (PFP) refused to dance to the KMT's tune. PFP Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) even ridiculed the demonstrations. As a result, it seems that Saturday's elections are basically a battle between the two major parties.

Even though both parties organized marches on Sunday, there remain many issues in need of discussion. People say that the DPP is good only at election-eering. This may be the case. But putting aside the local and foreign nature of the two parties for the moment, the DPP's performance on Sunday was far superior to the KMT's.

First, each party had a different strategy. From the beginning, the KMT has billed the elections as the first step for Ma, the pan-blue camp's savior, in his campaign to win the 2008 presidential election. It has therefore targeted President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) almost exclusively.

From the exposure of scandals by TVBS related to former Presidential Office deputy secretary-general Chen Che-nan (陳哲男) and the first family we can see that the pro-blue media and legislators have already started to campaign for the 2008 presidential election. That is why the KMT called on its supporters to protest in front of the Presidential Office.

The problem is, that there are no elections scheduled for Taipei City this time around. Gathering tens of thousands of people in front of the Presidential Office was simply a way of pandering to the blue camp's "presidential dream."

The DPP's strategy was clearly different. The party gathered supporters and began its activities in Pingtung County, the southern tip of Taiwan, and then moved north, ending with events in Taipei County, the most highly contested district in this election. Meanwhile, it also launched marches in all other counties and cities led by its local candidates. This is how a campaign should be. More importantly, it evoked memories of last year's hand-in-hand rally for many people and was in line with its slogan of "uphold reform, defend Taiwan."

Following on from its success in uncovering the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp (KRTC) scandal, the KMT thought that it could defeat the DPP using the slogan "oppose corruption, save Taiwan." However, perhaps candidates themselves are even more important than their partisanship in local government elections.

Among the KMT's nominees for the 23 counties and cities, at least eight are allegedly involved in corruption. Its nominee for Taichung City, Jason Hu (胡志強), is accused of converting his years of party service into government service in order to increase his pension, and its nominee for Taipei County, Chou Hsi-wei (周錫瑋), is suspected of corruption as well. In total, one-third of its nominees are suspected of being involved in corruption.

By brandishing slogans opposing corruption, one would have to ask is the KMT fighting itself? The French poet Charles Baudelaire said, "The devil's deepest wile is to persuade us that he does not exist." This also goes for corruption in the KMT.

Chin Heng-wei is the editor-in-chief of Contemporary Monthly magazine.

Translated by Eddy Chang