TVBullShit - Liberating Taiwan from the Truth

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TVBS - Liberating Taiwan from the Truth

這才是 TVBullShit 的真面目 →

Fact #1: There is evidence of forgery and withholding information on foreign shareholdings by TVBS in obtaining its business license.

According to Article 10 of the Satellite Broadcasting Act: "The total shares of a satellite broadcasting business directly held by foreign shareholders shall be less than 50 percent of the total shares issued by the said business." When TVBS applied for license renewal six months ago, it claimed that 47 percent of its shares were held by the Hong Kong-based TVB Investment Ltd. and the remaining 53 percent by the Taiwan-based Countless Entertainment (Taiwan) Company Ltd.

However, 100 percent of investments in Countless Entertainment (Taiwan) Company Ltd. originate from TVB Investment Ltd. In other words, TVBS is in reality a purely foreign-owned company.


但 TVBS 事實上為百分之百外資。

Fact #2: TVBS Chairman Norman Leung served as chairman of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority from 1997 to 2002.

TVBS 董事長梁乃鵬曾於一九九七年至二00二年期間擔任香港廣播事務管理局主席。

Fact #3: Minister of the Government Information Office (GIO) of Taiwan, Mr. Yao, stated, "The GIO's position is very clear: We respect all perspectives and commentaries, and even criticisms of the government, in media reports. Regarding handling of the issue of TVBS's shareholding structure, however, this is not a matter of press freedom but, rather, a legal issue."

台灣新聞局長姚文智表示:「台灣尊重媒體對政府的評論甚至批評報導。但是在處理 TVBS 的問題上,這是法律問題,不是媒體自由的問題。」

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