Lost and Found

If your old apartments (or rooms) can talk to each other, they will string together the pieces of your life, relationships, and mental states.

Growing up, first there the big room with a flat bad I shared with my brothers. Then I get my own room, the new house we built when I enter junior high school. Then there's the Taichung girl's prison, the back room in a weird house with Fish, and the room I rented with classmates in senior year. What would they have to say about me?

The dorm room, the psycho villiage, the studio apartment above the ice parlor, and the room in the Number Three Street. That would be another interesting four years.

The dorm room in CCNU, hmm... interesting.

The shitty room I rented in Taipei while teaching at that shitty language school. Dark depressed days...

Then comes the attic room in Sue's house in Chicago, the room in a nice big house on campus, the studio apartment in a creepy bldg that has hallways look like the hotel in "The Shinning", the nice 2-bedroom apartment I rented with L. Together they can document about the history between me and captain and how the dark mood rises.

Then it's back in Taipei in the apartment I shared with cousins. That one has some interesting stories to tell, too.

Then the traveling back and forth between Salach prison and sweet home in Changhua. Then this Frisco room where I'm at right now.

Man... just listing down the rooms took me a while and walked me down the memory lane.

What is being lost or erased in my memory, I know the walls of my old rooms will be able to find them again.

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