Formosa Betrayed 「被出賣的台灣」即將開拍


最近應該是因為大話新聞談到George Kerr的「被出賣的台灣」一書的緣故,很多人上網搜尋後連到這篇來。有必要聲明一下,Will Tiao 的這部電影,跟George Kerr 的書是不一樣的。電影是藉由陳文成命案、白色恐怖時代的史實資料為背景,以虛構故事描述台灣民主運動的過程和故事。George Kerr 的書則是「描繪一九四一-一九六○之間,被視為「戰利品」的台灣,在美國與中國的拉扯下,由於自主意識與力量的闕如,而導致的悲劇命運與處境。」


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This is way cool! I am looking forward to it.

Formosa Betrayed
Formosa Foundation Newsletter, Summer 2006
「被出賣的台灣」 (Formosa Betrayed) 是好萊塢有史以來第一部描述及80年代台灣民主及獨立運動人士奮鬥過程的電影。電影情節取材自遇害的陳文成博士、記者江南、及在白色恐佈時代無數犧牲性命的民主及獨立運動人士。。。。。(中文)

“Hollywood loves a true story,” says Taiwanese-American filmmaker Will Tiao, “even better if it has murder and political intrigue – which is why this film will have a powerful effect on how the world views the struggle of the Taiwanese people.”

The film he is talking about, Formosa Betrayed, is the first ever Hollywood movie to be made about the struggle of Taiwanese democracy and independence activists during the 1970s and 80s.

Inspired by the murders of Professor Chen Wen-Chen and journalist Henry Liu, as well as countless other Taiwanese democracy and independence activists and their struggles during the “White Terror “period, Tiao along with a team of Hollywood screenwriters created a fictional story based on the real events of that period.

Set in 1982, the film follows the story of an American detective who is investigating the murder of a Taiwanese professor in the United States. As the detective investigates, he finds out that the professor was spied upon by his Chinese students, and that those students were hired by the KMT Government in Taiwan. The detective goes to Taiwan to catch the assassin, only to realize that the murder is part of a larger political conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the Chinese Nationalist regime, a conspiracy to quell the nascent Taiwanese Independence Movement.

Tiao is no stranger to political subjects. He worked for a decade in politics before coming to Hollywood. He is a magna cum laude graduate of international relations from Tufts University, and holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. He is a Fulbright Scholar, and was a Presidential Management Fellow under President Clinton, before becoming an international economist under President Bush.

He has also been deeply involved in Taiwan-U.S. relations for many years. His first job was as an intern for the Formosa Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), where he lobbied for Taiwan’s entrance into the United Nations. He then went on to work for Senator Nancy Kassebaum (R-KS) on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He was a staff member of the Ways and Means Committee, Subcommittee on International Trade which authored the bill to grant permanent normal trade relations with China – and he personally penned the provision which granted permanent normal trade relations to Taiwan.

In 2002, Tiao left his government position to pursue a career in entertainment, with the intention of creating a project to support Taiwan. After acting for several years in independent television and film projects, he had a breakthrough hit as the producer and lead actor on the award-winning film A Starbucks Story.

This film won the 2005 FAIF Los Angeles Film Festival audience awards for Best Short Film and Best Film of Festival, and sold out three screenings at the world famous Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. It has also been an official selection of the Queens International Film Festival, the Kansas City Jubilee Film Festival, the Austin Movie Show, and most recently, the Hollywood Shorts Film Festival.

His acting career has taken off, as he has appeared recently on The Learning Channel’s Untold Stories of the ER, the CBS sitcom Yes, Dear, and most recently as a Taiwanese mafioso on the hit FOX series Mad TV. He has also produced a feature film, Stan, a dark comedy which is now in post-production.

Even with all his other projects, Tiao considers Formosa Betrayed his most important work to date, and hopes that the film will open doors for other Taiwanese stories to be told through the Hollywood system. In order to get Formosa Betrayed from the page to the movie screen, Tiao formed Formosa Films, LLC, a film production company specifically designed to develop and produce Taiwanese stories.

Two years ago, Tiao met with Li-Pei Wu, founder of the Formosa Foundation Mr. Wu told Tiao that it was his dream to have a movie made on Taiwan. After that, Tiao developed an outline for the story that would become Formosa Betrayed, and hired a Hollywood screenwriter to polish the treatment. He formed Formosa Films, LLC and set out to win the hearts and minds of the Taiwanese-American community by encouraging them to invest in the film.

His first major fundraiser was in December 2005 at the FAPA Annual Board Meeting in Dallas, Texas. From this initial meeting, Tiao raised 20% of the pre-production budget of the film. Since that time, he has held 23 fundraisers in 20 cities throughout the United States and Canada. His efforts have already made a mark on the Taiwanese community throughout North America. He is scheduled to speak at the Taiwanese-American East Coast Conference (TAC-EC) in Connecticut as well as the World Taiwanese Congress in Toronto, Canada.

The goal is to raise the money for Formosa Betrayed this year, shoot the film in 2007, and release the film in 2008 in time for the Taiwanese Presidential Elections in March, and the Beijing Summer Olympics in August of the same year.

Tiao has hired veteran Hollywood producer David Allen Cluck to produce Formosa Betrayed. Cluck has worked on over 30 major feature films and television shows, including the Academy Award winning movie, Monster, starring Charlize Theron. He has also hired director Dominique Forma, whose previous movie, Scenes of the Crime was released by Sony Pictures and starred Jeff Bridges and Noah Wyle.

“For many years, the Taiwanese community has said that it wanted a film, like what Schindler’s List did for the Jewish community, to represent the Taiwanese struggle for identity,” says Tiao. “This film, Formosa Betrayed, is about two themes – justice and identity – themes that the Taiwanese community understands thoroughly.”

“This is a test for the Taiwanese community. Unlike South Africa or the former Soviet Union, Taiwan has never dealt with its authoritarian past. It is time for us to come together and make this film so that the world can understand what it really means to be Taiwanese.”

Official Site (官網)Formosa Betrayed

上官網可以看 trailer,但是需要密碼,要先寫信給他們,不過回應的速度很快,我剛才已經收到也看過了。邊看就哭了,現在邊打字還在掉眼淚。預告片看起來很有好萊塢的水準,應該是很精彩的動作片,但是我一看到陳文成的照片,眼淚就立刻盈眶,希望他們順利募款、開拍成功,並如期發行。台灣人的故事,需要讓全世界看到。

The trailer is available on the website but requires login and password. You need to send them an email first but they replied to me in 10 minutes. I have already watched the trailer and cried the moment I saw Mr. Chen Wen-Cheng's photo. It is a pretty well-shot and action-packed Hollywood movie with a political twist. I hope they will succeed in fundraising, shooting, and releasing the film in theaters in time.

Also, if you are interested in reading the book "Formosa Betrayed", download it here.


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謝謝 crystalannie。妳是在海外的哪裡呢?
我看完這個 trailer 哭了好一會,尤其是聽到最後面 narrator 說 a nation fighting for identity 的時候。。。誠摯希望他們製作成功。希望台灣人的故事可以上大螢幕讓更多人知道,台灣人背負著很多沈痛的記憶和歷史。

cleverCLAIRE said...

Oh oh 我看到了,妳在澳洲∼

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好期待喲?尤其是選在 2008 上映,真是太棒了? ^Q^

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毋知陳文成博士伊是 Tan Bun-seng 抑是 Chen Wen-cheng。

吳澧培明明是 Ho-lo 人,我 kap 伊見面講話,一下聽就知伊北仔話是後--來才學--e,是按怎甘願予人叫做 Li-pe Wu--leh?

毋知電影會注意著語文、文化 e 議題--無?228 kap 白色恐怖早期,台灣應該無外儕在地人會曉講華語。

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to Taokara: 2008 要出品的跟台灣有關的影片,還有別的唷∼有些我看過企劃案的,還不知道可不可以公開講(提案上面寫著 confidential...),但是 trust me... 2008 大選之前會有很多關於台灣的影片、紀錄片、報導,跟 2008 北京奧運拼場。

Formosa Betrayed 書裡面很多人名也是用滿大人拼音的,所以我想編劇的米國人不會想到這一層吧。Mr. Wu 的問題,我馬不知道ㄋㄟ,汝打電話去問他本輪好了∼ XD

to annie: 原來已經被妳「偷看」很久了。。。 #^_^#

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嗯我認真的想了一下這個問題,既然還沒開拍,其實還有時間影響一下劇本的寫法,使用的語言。(不過萬一他們決定全程用英語發音也說不定。。。)刁先生既然呆過 FAPA,也許裡面也曾有成員如此建議,大家都來寫信去關心跟建議一下吧!

我在媒抗也貼了(中文版),有位 arfken 網友來補充了一些資料,參考一下:
arfken on 2006-07-19 12:28 回覆 | 隱藏 |
據我了解, 這部片是要運用許多真實的事件為材料去虛構一個商業電影的故事. 並非是一部演出來的傳記電影或紀錄片. 所以情節上並不要求?合真實的事件 但卻要讓人看得到那些曾經發生在臺灣人身上的惡行與悲劇 

刁先生(Will Tiao) 很務實地要用商業與娛樂的媒介 期望能有效率地讓世界的人看到臺灣人的悲哀故事 將臺灣的印象打入人?的腦海裡 (就好比多數人只曉得有趣的三國演義卻少有人會樂於去肯硬邦邦的三國志)

我曾經加入一些同鄉試圖小額投資此片但由於該片投資企劃合同限制投資人數目的緣故使得他們得放棄小額投資人 希望刁先生已籌到很多資金來提昇這部片的卡司 視覺效果與品質

cleverCLAIRE said...

還有這是我給 arfken 的回覆,參考一下:

哇多謝 update.


再次謝謝 arfken 的補充說明。我越來越期待這一部片。

Taiwan1001 said...

麻煩借我連結到我的部落格, Thanks~~

Anonymous said...

"但是 trust me... 2008 大選之前會有很多關於台灣的影片、紀錄片、報導,跟 2008 北京奧運拼場。"

I do not see too many as you predicted. I think Taiwan should boycott Beijing 2008 Olympic.
"Chinese Taipei" is not a good name anyway. Taiwan should file the name-change to "Taiwan", then attend next game on 2012.

"Formosa Betrayed" has been renamed "Formosa", and it is not completed before the March election (as Tiao planned). I just hope it can be released as soon as possible.

One reason that "City of Sadness" won the Golden Lion Award in 1989 is because it touched the 228-tragedy. Taiwan's film-makers should find more materials from the past, thus the new identity can be shaped in the future. There are also many untold stories in the Taiwanese Americans, perhaps we should dig out them and convert them into screenplay and books.

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( http://tiny.cc/19CS5 ) 這部電影將參加AAIF'09並於07/24放映!!